Anyone want laser cutter training?


Hey Joel- I saw you were interested in the laser cutting tutorial! If you found out any available dates let me know as I am keen to also learn this skill!


Hey @Amy and @joel the laser cutter is not yet operational at the new space. Some good VHSers are wrorking on getting it going (addressing ventilation and filtering), so stay tuned. :slight_smile:



I would like to attend the next full-length laser training course. When is it being run, next?



Hi @Jason_OBrien,
We’re working hard to get the laser back online at our new location. It could be a few more weeks. I posted an update here:


Thanks Luke :+1:


please add my name to the list of members looking for training. thanks


Yup. Did the training at MakerLab and then didn’t use it. So I lost it.


I would love to get re-trained on the new setup if this is being scheduled!


I could use a refresher too!


Also interested in joining a session!


I would also like to be trained on this laser.


Oh that would be awesome. Totally interested