Anyone want laser cutter training?


Laser Training - Tues, July 10th 2018 go to this thread :slight_smile:


Hello VHS,

Joined Vancouver Hack Space earlier this week after hearing about you guys!
I am very keen to get trained on the laser cutter. Will there be a training session in the near future?


Request for laser cutter and 3d printer training

Hi, I’ve just joined and am keen to get trained on laser cutter ASAP also!





I’m also interested in getting trained on the laser cutter. Will gladly contribute bagels!


I’ve recently joined VHS and I like to get trained on laser cutter asap!



Hey! I just joined and would love to get a laser cutter training!



I’m going to run the next laser training session. It looks like there may be four people looking for training:


I’m thinking of scheduling it for Wednesay 17 (evening) or Saturday 20 (afternoon). Any thoughts / preferences / requests for timing? I’ll make a specific post for day and time tomorrow after getting any schedule feedback.


Hi, you can take me off the list. Already got training last month.



Good to know. Wasn’t sure when the last training was. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Aaron,

If it can be after 7pm-ish I’d be keen for Wed 17th?




laser cutter training signup post here:


Hi Aaron,

Sure, I’m in. Thanks!



When do you think the next training will be?!


I was planning on running a laser training again in November. Does Saturday Nov 10 (afternoon sometime) work for you?


Hi Aaron, Unfortunately I will be away on the Friday and Saturday but I can be available Sunday afternoon or in the evenings during the week. Thanks!


Just a reminder to everyone that all training is done by VHS members who are volunteering their time to do this. They do not get paid.

While the trainers can and do make attempts to accommodate everyones schedules they also have busy lives too.

If at all possible please re-arrange your schedule to make the offered training dates.



I’m interested in the next available session. Thanks!


I would love to get into the next available session so I can help work on the group-build CNC project!

Hello Hackspace!

Hello hello. I just joined VHS.

I would love to be trained on using the laser cutter!

Thanks in advance to the people putting time and energy into this community and making these things possible


My boyfriend and I want to take the laser cutting course- please let me know if there will be one soon (March 2019?)

Have the best day ever😊