Anyone want laser cutter training?

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I’d be interested in a refresher laser cutter session next time one is run.

Another laser training for members has been scheduled for Aug. 8th -


Just a quick interest check; is there anyone looking to get trained on the laser?

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Hello! How do laser please?
I would like training so I can cut things with lasers.

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Hi, I’m interested in laser cutter training.
When is the next available training session? :slight_smile:


hey @flashstick, @revonrev and anyone else interested - I’ve scheduled a laser training session for next wednesday.


I would love to join in on the laser training session tomorrow if it isnt too late to sign up for it?
I am not a member yet, but I plan on signing up today!

Hi Mike.

Thanks for your interest. At the moment this class is full. Keep an eye out on this topic for an announcement for the next one,

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I’m interested in laser cutter training. I’m planning to sign up for the membership tomorrow after signing the waiver and taking a tour! Are there any upcoming sessions? Thanks!


Hi, I’d love me some laser cutter training as well. Please let me know when the next session is.

I would also like to have the laser cutting training! And I am also a new member that needs to sign the waiver! Waiver party!

If you’re looking to host another session, I’m very interested!

I’m interested in laser cutter training whenever there’s another workshop :+1: