Another Tablesaw Basic Training Workshop


It seems that my first tablesaw basic training workshop was well received and a few other members have indicated that they would like to attend. I’m happy to run another workshop sometime inthe next few weeks however I will need a keyholder to bottomline the event. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday evenings work best for me, except the evening of Feb 23rd.

The workshop will cover the basics of tablesaw use - saw familiarity, safety, ripping, crosscutting with a mitre gauge, crosscutting with a sled, use of pushsticks & featherboards, etc. I will need to restrict the number of participants to 5 people so that we can complete the workshop in a reasonable amount of time.

Tablesaw Basic Training Request Thread

Signing up, will bottomline whatever date you decide on.


How about Thursday, Feb. 16 at 7pm?


I am also in!!! Thank you Steve.


Done! Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes please!


Sign me up


Can someone put it on the Events Calendar? I don’t seem to have the ability to add something to the calendar.


wait nvm, i am in New West that evening :frowning:


I added it to the calendar from 7 - 10pm.


I’m in for Feb 16 too!


So far the following people are signed up:

That didn’t take long to fill up! If, for what ever reason, you have to cancel please let me know so we can fill your spot with someone else.

For those that missed out, I’ll schedule another one sometime in early March once I have a better idea of my schedule.


I’d love to join too!


That was an OUTSTANDING training session, @Stevemopolis. You say you don’t like beer, what do you drink? :slight_smile:


It was indeed awesome, thank you @Stevemopolis!

Great to have you back at VHS for a few “training visits”. Hopefully we can get you down again for some fun SMD builds.


Arghhh, I just realized that my cancelation email didn’t send for some
reason, apologies for keeping a spot from someone else. I really missed
going to this one, but happy to hear that it went well.


No worries. We still had 6 people attending so I’m glad I made extra handouts.


I’m more of a cider drinker. :slight_smile:


I’m sad I missed this (I only just joined) is there a chance there’ll be a “Yet Another Tablesaw Basic Training Workshop” in the future?


Tablesaw Basic Training Round 3

If you can get 5 people to attend I’m happy to do another one. Start a new thread and we can coordinate a date that works for everyone.