Tablesaw Basic Training Request Thread

Hey all!

Linking back from Another Tablesaw Basic Training Workshop

Please post here if you’re interested in getting trained on the table saw!

@Stevemopolis, you should be able to edit this post.

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yesssss plzz

I’m definitely interested.

@Stevemopolis how many people did you have on the backlog?

I didn’t keep a list. There were people in the last thread who wanted to come but weren’t able, a couple of no-shows and at least one person who slid in at the last minute.

The rest of May is pretty busy for me but I’m happy to schedule another session sometime around the 2nd or 3rd week of June. I’ll pick a date a week or two ahead of time and start collecting names then.

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I’m definitely still interested.

Please count me as well.

Count me in as well

Also interested.

One of you interested should pick a date.

My apologies for not scheduling another workshop in June as I promised. I’ve been crazy busy. I will schedule one during the 3rd week of July after I’m back from vacation and my schedule eases up. Stay tuned…

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Thanks @stevemopolis - you’re training is awesome and always much
appreciated when you have time to do one.

I’m interested as well! :grinning:

Hi! Im interested in the table saw training!


Hello, I’d like to be trained on the table saw if possible. Anyone available to help me?