Tablesaw Basic Training Round 3


This thread is to coordinate the training session for the third basic tablesaw training class taught by @Stevemopolis

@Rebel_without_Clause Rebel_without_Clause and @thaggie expressed recent interest. A full class is 5 people; Im just starting the thread based on this topic (Ive done the class, it is most-excellent!): Another Tablesaw Basic Training Workshop

Anyone else interested?


I’m keen too.


I’ll come, date?


I’m definitely up for this.


If there’s room or someone can’t make it, I’d love to get in on the training!


I 'd like in on the table saw goodness. thanks


Sounds like theres enough interest and no lack of keyholder.

@Stevemopolis do you have any dates that would work well for you?


I missed the first one, but would love to take this class at some point too.


I highly recommend taking this training if you have any interest in woodworking! @Stevemopolis is a great instructor and the knowledge could save you a finger or three. :slight_smile:


I can do either Wednesday April 26 or Wednesday June 3rd at 6pm. Does either of those dates work for everyone? I’d like to limit the workshop to 5 people to keep the time down to 2.5 to 3 hours. If people get left out I can do another one 2 or 3 weeks later.


I can do April 26th I’ll be away June 3rd


I can do June 3rd but have a business trip booked for April 26. :disappointed:


I can do 26th or 3rd


There does not appear to be a clear preference for dates. Let’s try a poll. If you would like to attend the next Tablesaw Workshop, please indicate your preference for dates.

  • April 26
  • May 3
  • Either date work for me
  • None of these dates work for me

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I’ll choose a date that appeals to the majority and schedule another workshop in a few weeks for those that cannot attend this one.


The best tool I’ve found for this sort of scheduling is


I would like to come as well!


So it looks like Wednesday May 3rd works better for most people.


Sorry for late confirmation everyone. The workshop will start tomorrow evening at 6pm. The following people were the first 6 to indicate that they would like to attend.


If you are on the list and can’t make it please let me and the first person on the waiting list to know asap.

Waiting list:

I assume that one or more attendees are keyholders and can bottomline the event.


Will be there. Thanks for running.


Thank you, will be there tomorrow.