Woodworking evening course at Tradeworks


I’m going to be teaching an “Introduction to Power Tool Woodworking” evening course at the Tradeworks training woodshop next month. The course is on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:30pm starting September 19th for 8 weeks. The course is limited to 6 participants and the $350 cost includes all materials to build 4 projects.

A number of my friends and acquaintances have been asking about this training over the past year so, if you’re interested in attending, please register at http://tradeworks.bc.ca/workshops/. As of this moment, only 3 spots are left.

Tradeworks Training Society is a non-profit located in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood close to Clark and Venables.


Thanks Steve!!

I highly recommend Steve’s training! He very generously trained many of us on how to use a Tablesaw at VHS for free. That is an amazing price for 8 weeks of Steve instruction and Tradeworks is a great organization.


Only one spot left!


We’ve now scheduled two more sessions for this course:

  • Saturdays from 10am to 4:30pm starting November 17th for 4 weeks.
  • Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:30pm starting January 9th for 8 weeks.

Both sessions are limited to 6 participants. If you’re interested in attending, please register at http://tradeworks.bc.ca/workshops.


oh my, i can probably make the January course, i am excited!


Here are a couple of photos from the recently completed Intro to Power Tool Woodworking course at Tradeworks featuring a couple of Hack Spacers and showing off the projects made during the class.

The start of the next class has been pushed to January 23rd so that I can squeeze in a short trip to Maui. There are still a few spots left. If you are interested you can get more info and/or register here.


I love it, those look great!


Aw - look at those guys - so proud. Projects look really nice! Well done.


The next class starting on January 23rd is full. I’ve created another class on Tuesday evenings beginning January 22nd if anyone is interested. It will be limited to 4 participants as it will be running concurrently with a Level 2 class. Registration is at http://tradeworks.bc.ca/workshops/

How I got stitches being a dumb ass

The registration is open for the next session starting on Wednesday, March 20th. We already have one VHS’er signed up and I think it would be really cool and a lot of fun if we could fill the class with VHS’ers. You can read above for more information about the class and the projects that you would be making. Tradeworks is just a few blocks from The Mullet (I hate that name!).

Registration is at http://tradeworks.bc.ca/workshops/