Woodshop Tutorial


Hey everone! :slight_smile:
It’s Dina here. I am a newbie to Vanhack and glad to have joined this community.
I was wondering if there is a woodshop tutorial I can take to refresh my mind on how certain tools were used.
I am making a display box and need some tips on how to use some of the tools (like: Router).



Hi Dina!

AFAIK we’ve never done something so general, but as a first step I’d suggest your best bet is to get in on the next tablesaw training (currently unscheduled, but waiting lists are often accumulated in these threads)

In the nearer term, and for less dangerous tools, you can’t go too far wrong asking in the #woodworking channel on Slack. :slight_smile:


Hiii :slight_smile:
haha yes I realized how general my request was.
I will go to woodshop and find someone there


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