Woodshop Maintenance Night -- February 4th


In conjunction with the thickness sander training on February 4th, I’m hosting a woodshop maintenance night.

I think we have a lot of deferred maintenance on our tools and it would be good to get caught up. I’d love some help so we can learn from each other and get a bunch done. Feel free to respond to this thread with things you think need to be done for the workshop in terms of maintenance (please restrict your suggestions to maintenance, rather than buildout, we can make another buildout thread once we get into our space).

The purpose of this list will be to print it out so that we can easily delegate tasks.

Despite being numbered, these are not in an order of priority

  1. Clean the saw blades (they probably need sharpening too, but a good cleaning will go a long way)
  2. Clean out the internals of the table saw, lubricate, and ensure trueness on the 90 degree stop
  3. Sharpen the jointer blade. The back side is dull as can be; this isn’t safe, nor useful.
  4. Tune the hand planes. I tuned a few of them recently, but always good to check.
  5. Clean out and lubricate the thickness planer. It has been going well, but probably good to make sure anything that moves is smooth as butter, such as the
  6. Clean and lubricate the lathe.
  7. Clean the bags on the thickness sander and inspect for any trapped material. These bags are effectively a filter, we should give them (especially the top one) a through cleaning
  8. Clean and lubricate the bandsaw. Inspect tread on wheels, give bearings a once-over, tune it up to run nicely.
  9. Sort through router bits and discard any useless ones (I believe I saw a bent one in there, that’s where I’m going with useless, rarely used or ones that have specific purposes are still fine)
  10. Clean the mitre saw, remove blade and give the blade a good washing too.
  11. Re-flatten the workbench, clean and lube the wood vise.
  12. Remove glue/dust/dirt/etc from the assembly table.

I’m sure there’s a bunch more tasks, and we are already over what will probably get done in a couple hours, but feel free to add what you can think of so we can prioritize, and then use the remainder for future maint nights.

MOVING: Adopt an area

Reminder: This is tomorrow night.


Tonight we

Cleaned the table saw blade. There is probably more cleaning that could be fine but it should cut a lot more, I measured the runout on the blade and we are at about .003”

I cleaned out some of the internals but nothing crazy, just what was accessible while changing the blade.

We removed the jointer blades for sharpening and cleaned the hell out of them, they we well in need of it. The jointer wheel itself needed a lot of scrubbing. We are looking into getting a jointer blade honing guide instead of making one.

We then did an impromptu sharpening session and sharpened the newly donated block plane to a ridiculous sharp edge and then went through how to set up a block plane.

And then we boxed up the blades for the jointer for further sharpening and to be re set.


Nice Work!

FYI the Colab sends their jointer blades to European Sharpening for sharpening. Seem to be reasonably priced and good service and quality.


FYI, jointer blades + things-that-keep-blades-in-barrel are in my tote just so we don’t lose them/damage them more. There should be 4 little cardboard boxes.