MOVING: Adopt an area


Looking for a way to help with the move? Choose an area and get it ready for moving. That means:

  • Take stock of what we have. Do we have thousands of something that’s only rarely used? Keep a portion and purge the rest. Do we have something that’s totally broken, garbagy, and inexpensive to replace? Purge it. Not sure about something?
  • Anything that belongs to member? Hassle them to take it home.
  • Consolidate and pack into bins and boxes with lids. No open tops please.
  • Start with things we don’t need for moving. Leave things such as tools, markers, tape, cleaning supplies, rags, boxes, etc. for last.

First round of areas that need adoption:

  • Display cabinets
  • Shelves under the craft table
  • Shoeboxes (electronics area, wall warts, craft supplies)
  • SMD electronics components
  • Other electronics components
  • Soldering stations & electronics test equipment & bench supplies
  • Laser materials
  • Server rack
  • Woodshop - @mike

(this is a wiki post — feel free to add areas or claim them or link to other threads)


Really helpful! Are there stacks of boxes, or should I grab some?