Where to put the injection molder?


Hey all,

Good news - we’re making great progress on the injection molder! The hardware is mostly assembled, and we’re ready to start the electronics and testing. Bad news - we’re not really sure where to put it. We were really hoping we could put it here:

We need a stud finder to find the studs, but we think there are two in that spot. We’re hoping if we attach 2 2x4s into the studs horizontally, we can mount the injection molder backplate to the 2x4s. The hope is that distributing the load across the 2 studs will hold up to the downward force. Also in terms of the spot, the injection mold plunger folds up vertically so it will take up essentially no room when not in use. We would have to move the Code of Conduct though. If that’s a no-go we can try to make a stand for it, but we’re hoping we can mount it.

So to summarize - is it okay to put the 2x4s into the wall and use that spot? And if so, does the space or anyone have a stud finder we can use?

VHS Injection Molder Build Log

A few questions from me.

How hot does the functional bit get? I.e. is this a burn fire hazard?

Are there any noxious fumes or strong smells when doing injection moulding? Is this is ok to do inside?

The videos I’ve seen of this build show a 150+ pound guy jumping vigorously on the lever for the injection. Can this wall support repeated lunges of this weight?

imo A separate stand is the best option which would allow using this in the loading bay or other convenient spaces.

I can help you fab a stand.


We’re hoping to insulate the barrel to avoid any burn hazard, but we haven’t gotten to that yet. You raise a valid point about fumes though - that would definitely be a good reason to do it in the loading bay. We can talk offline about a stand.


It’s great you’re coming along with the injection moulder. Just imo I think having strong smelling stuff further back from the kitchen and front work tables is proabably for the best.


Is the odor worse than the odor in the space from laser cutting acrylic? Perhaps a fume extractor might be in order?


I worked in a place that did injection molding, and the shop space stank
even with a fume extractor placed directly over the machine. Mind you this
machine was shooting close to 6 shots a minute.


If we use a bottle jack/motor or manual screw type press to push the piston rod, we can move it to the loading bay.
May be it’s easier to assemble as well and apply much more force.