Welding Workshops

I’ll do a quick ping on Slack, just to see if we can catch anybody who isn’t checking Talk. I think we should be OK to start locking down the bookings for this Sunday as of noon tomorrow, and then the rest of them the next day.

I think I’m going to have to add a few more days, but I want to wait until I’ve run a round of classes before I do that, just to make sure everything is running smoothly.


oh awesome @Metal_Janet - thanks for doing this!

I’ll do Oct 4th @ 3pm thanks!


I would really like to do this. Thank you!

Please put me down for Oct 11th 1:30pm (or any time that day)


oops, could I move to the 4:30pm slot rather than 3pm? I just realized that’s the same weekend as Ludum Dare, which ends at 3pm.

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Ooooh I’m interested if there’s any available slots

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@TimothyKonrad- Absolutely! Would October 4 at 1:30 pm or 3:00 pm work for you?

@Metal_Janet - Are the slots for this Sunday confirmed? Should I transfer the workshop cost over to you?

@sampath Yes, the priority group has had a chance to book on this round, so we’re going to go ahead call all bookings confirmed; you’re in the clear to do the e-transfer.

If you experience symptoms related to COVID-19 or are required to self-isolate, and need to cancel the lesson, let me know and I will refund the course fee in its entirety. We will re-book once you’re healthy and in the clear.

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:fire::sunglasses: amazing @Metal_Janet!!

I am interested in 4:30pm on October 11th or a later date


If there are any slots left, I’ll take one. I’m probably flexible!

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I’d be interested in October 4th if there is one more slot left. Let me know. Thanks for setting this up.

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@Metal_Janet I would like to do the welding workshop. Let me know if you plan to have classes in October/November.

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Put me down for 3:00 pm on October 4th thanks …
What’s the procedure from here ?

At some point before the booked time, e-transfer me $80. janet.mader@gmail.com, use the password welding (you get the discounted rate because you helped with the metal shop build.)

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or are required to self isolate, and must cancel your booking, let me know and I will refund the money, and we’ll re-book once you’re healthy and in the clear.

Provided you’re healthy and not required to self-isolate, show up at the Hack Space at a little before 3 pm on October 4.

Stuff to bring/wear:
-Natural fibre clothes, crew-neck or button-up for preference.
-a cloth or paper mask (we will not be able to maintain 2m distance during the lesson)
-closed toed shoes or boots, ideally leather, canvas also acceptable, we can work with synthetic if we need to, NO SANDALS.
-a bandanna for your hair is generally a good idea, long hair should be tied back.
-A water bottle

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Hey, since you’re one of the priority people who helped with the build-out, you’ve got right of first refusal on the October 4 1:30 pm slot. If you’d rather book for later, let me know and I’ll pass the spot to the wait-list.

Edited to add: this is WAY more interest than I was expecting, we’ll definitely be adding more days for October/November. Stay tuned, I’ll try and announce dates/times early next week.

I’m totally game for October 4th 3:00 and I’m transfering the money now


OK, the final schedule from now through October 11 is as follows:

Welding Workshops Schedule

Sunday, September 20, 2020
12 noon: @Dio*
1:30 pm: @3bien
3:00 pm: @Lukeo*
4:30 pm: @sampath*

Sunday, September 27, 2020
12 noon: Hazel
1:30 pm: @yeungx
3:00 pm: @jon
4:30 pm: @Hekseskudd*

Sunday, October 4, 2020
10:00 am: @hendryc**
12 noon: @DeNomad*
2:00 pm: @TimothyKonrad
4:00 pm: @rsim

Sunday, October 11, 2020
10:00 am: @Brian_Stubbs*
12 noon: @lukecyca*
2:00 pm: @elizabot*
4:00 pm: @t.he.art

There will be additional workshops past these and so far the wait list consists of:


Once the dates/times for the future workshops are sorted, we can start locking down names to time slots.

So there we go, @Metal_Janet. I hope this puts all the info you need in one spot. Note that the folks I have marked with “*” at the end of their name are regular members, those with “**” at the end of their name are not currently VHS members, and those with nothing at the end of their name are priority/work party members. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.




I still need to pay @Metal_Janet for the course but am also waiting to be reimbursed for the fees I paid to dispose of the scraps I took to the Vancouver transfer station. Instead of vhs reimbursing me could that be applied to my course fee? I have the receipt for $20

Awesome, thanks very much for all your help on this @Cantina_Dude.

(For the record, and this doesn’t affect anything, just giving credit where it’s due, but @Lantana is also a priority group person, because she was involved in one of the earliest metal shop builds, but she’s a friend so I’ll work out booking with her directly… again, anybody who’s helped with a metal shop build or work party that isn’t listed here, please PM me and I’ll make sure you get the perks you’re due, sorry for my rusty memory.)

@Hekseskudd that sounds fine to me; send me $80 and bring the receipt with you on the day; I’ll take it out of VHS’s share of the course fee.


Please add me to the wait list…