Welding Workshops

Hey folks!

I’m pleased to announce that our own @Metal_Janet will be leading one-on-one welding workshops over the next 4 Sundays, starting this week on September 20, 2020. There will be 4 time slots available on each Sunday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, with 2 hours between starts.

Shared welding gloves will be provided, but participants will be required to sanitize their hands and wear disposable latex/equivalent gloves under the welding gloves. Heavy leather or steel toed work boots/shoes are required, as well as long sleeved natural fibre clothing (ideally cotton). Button up or crew-neck shirts are highly recommended. Sunscreen should be worn over the entire front side of your torso, arms, and neck, including areas that are covered by your clothing because the light from the arc will find its way through regular fabric and give you a sunburn. Long hair should be tied back. The current shop wide PPE and COVID-19 protocols are also part of the deal, so please be smart and respectful.

The cost of the workshops will be $100 which can be sent directly to Janet via e-transfer (DM her for the email address)

I will be taking care of the welding workshop scheduling, so please post in this thread expressing your interest and your preferred date/time slot. I will keep the schedule below updated, so please review it to see which time slots are still available. Priority booking will be offered to all those who helped with the welding/metal shop build out, so please mention if that applies to you. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to @3bien, @yeungx, @Thovthe, @neumannaudio, @TimothyKonrad, @jon, @rsim, and @Mathieu. Once I’ve heard from all of these folks and they have either claimed a time slot or chosen to defer for the time being, I will open up the remaining spots to any other interested members.

For those looking for a gripping read, here’s a link to some safety information about the wonders of welding fumes and gases: CCOHS - Welding - Fumes and Gases

So, who’s interested? Let me know!



Welding Workshops Schedule

Sunday, September 20, 2020
12 noon: @Dio*
1:30 pm: @3bien
3:00 pm: @Lukeo*
4:30 pm: @sampath*

Sunday, September 27, 2020
12 noon: Hazel
1:30 pm: @yeungx
3:00 pm: @jon
4:30 pm: @Hekseskudd*

Sunday, October 4, 2020
10:00 am: @hendryc**
12 noon: @DeNomad*
2:00 pm: @TimothyKonrad
4:00 pm: @rsim

Sunday, October 11, 2020
10:00 am: @Brian_Stubbs*
12 noon: @lukecyca*
2:00 pm: @elizabot*
4:00 pm: @t.he.art

Additional Dates!

Sunday, October 18, 2020
10:00 am: @Cantina_Dude
12 noon: @packetbob
2:00 pm: @Lantana
4:00 pm: @Gavitron

Sunday, October 25, 2020
10:00 am: @DanG
12 noon: @Ashbash43
2:00 pm: @Sage
4:00 pm: @TristanL



Hi. I am one of the person on the priority list as is my SO Hazel

We would like to book the time slots on Sunday Sept 27th from noon to 1:30 as well as 1:30 to 3pm. We will pay by cash at the event.


Hey, and just for the record, half of the proceeds from the course go to paying back the money that I invested into getting the shop up and running. When that’s paid back, we will revert to the standard model of 1/2 to instructor, 1/2 to VHS.

Looking forward to finally getting this teaching thing happening!


Also, If you were one of the people who helped with the welding shop build out (including demolishing the mezzanine, drywalling, painting, whatever) your lesson fee is $80. I don’t have a full record of who all helped with this, so just mention what you helped on and it will jog my memory. I feel comfortable doing this on an honour system basis.


Hey, I’m glad to see these starting to run! I’d like to grab the 3pm slot on the 27th!



This is amazing, I’d like to take 3pm on the 20th if possible.

Awesome work putting this all together!


Hi!! This is awesome!! If it’s possible I want to register for this Sunday 20 at noon =)


If possible, I’d like to register for 4:30 PM on the 20th, or if that is claimed - the same time on the 27th. If the 27th is spoken for too, pretty much any time on October 4th will work for me…

Thanks to everyone that fixed the space up and taking the time to organize these workshops…

(I can e-transfer Janet for the workshop)



Hey, I joined the forums a while ago, but haven’t yet visited/got membership due to the cancellation of the opening. I’d definitely be interested in doing this course this weekend or the following if there are spaces available. Just not sure what I’d need to get done in advance.

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hi @hendryc, welcome!

We’re open to non-member training, although we do need to prioritize members, especially those who helped out with the shop build and have been waiting for this for several months. I’d be happy enough to have you claim one of the October 4th or 11th spots. I will add additional days if there appears to still be demand.

We weren’t expecting interest from non-members this soon, but we were thinking we’d set the non-member rate for the course at $120.

So you have two options; sign up for a course now as a non-member and pay the non-member rate, or join up and pay the member rate. I would highly recommend becoming a member, because welding requires a lot of practice, and it’s better to get that practice in while it’s fresh in your memory.

No rush either way; now that we have things ready for teaching, we’ll be running this regularly going forward.

We are open for non-keyholding members on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, as well as other times informally, and you can arrange times with other members on Slack.

If you’d like to sign up as a member of VHS, go to Vanhack.ca and click on the “Join Us” button. Either way, go ahead and request a time slot; @Cantina_Dude, please book @hendryc in as a non-priority user if and when he picks a time slot. Thanks!

I don’t see anything about welding masks in that description - is that provided, or do we need to get our own?

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We have a welding mask for students to use; we will be aggressively disinfecting it between users. You do not need to bring your own.

If welding is something that you really want to do a lot of, though, and you’d like to get one of your own, I’d be happy to have a chat and recommend some models that will fit what you’re intending to do. You can get a fixed shade for about $20, but in my experience it’s well worth it to shell out the extra $50 or so and get an entry-level speed-glass (auto darkening). KMS has a good selection, and their prices are pretty reasonable.

If you’re planning on doing a lot of aluminum or stainless TIG, however, we can have a chat about how to choose a helmet that will do what you need.

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Hi, I would like to take a workshop as well! Hopefully you cover TIG? I can bring my welder and gas if it helps to make things easier for you @Metal_Janet.

Thanks for putting this on

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Hi @Metal_Janet,
Thanks so much for all the information, that was so helpful.
I just wasn’t sure what was the right way to approach things, but I’ll look into membership now and sign up! The only time I’m not available is 11th October, but yeah I’ll only take a slot if they’re not full.


I’d like to take the 1:30 slot this Sunday (Sept 20) if it’s still available.


Yeah, if you’re already familiar with the basics of welding I can cover TIG for you. You can bring your machine if you want to work with it specifically, but we can work off of my Everlast for the lesson no problem.

Please book a 4:30 slot, because I don’t know how long a TIG lesson will take.

@Cantina_Dude Can you please put me down for 3pm on October 11? (Or any timeslot in October if there’s a conflict)


Ok please put me down for 4:30 the soonest Sunday from now?


Cool. Sunday the 27th at 4:30 is currently free, if that works for you?
Can you remind me… did you jump in on any of the work parties we had to get the shop built?

Ok, sounds good. I did not attend any work parties other than the most recent clean up. I took a load to the transfer station.

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We still haven’t heard from welding shop work party people @Thovthe, @neumannaudio, @TimothyKonrad, @rsim, or @Mathieu yet, but there are still 5 time slots that nobody has claimed so far. What do you think, @Metal_Janet? Should we give these folks another day to speak up before opening the time slots to anyone else who expresses interest?