Warning: AliExpress no longer sending notification messages


If you shop at AliExpress this may be important to you.

I used the “Buyer Protection is Running Out” messages as a reminder to file a dispute if the package hasn’t arrived. (It takes so long to receive stuff from AliExpress that I just order it and forget about it until I get an envelope a while later).

Recently, AliExpress policy has changed in that they no longer send out any warning messages about your purchase protection running out. ( I just noticed it by fluke when logging into my AliExpress and looking over my orders that an order had completed and I never got the package. Lucky for me I was still in the “grace” period.)

So now you have to set yourself a calendar reminder to make sure you file your disputes in time if the package doesn’t arrive.


Situation is much worth than you think!

Problem appear to be not ALIExpress or other sellers/sites that sell stuff from China, Taiwan etc. There is a GROWING OUTCRY about situation with CANADA POST and Customs (not actually part of Canada Post itself) delaying packages for an obscene amount of time like 90, 78, 80 days in my cases. It happened to many people recently.

I call it a desperate situation because I do not see any viable way to retaliate against organisation like Canada Post. It goes on for almost a year now and again I am just one of thousands of victims according to buzz on Internet. If anyone has an idea on how to deal with Canada Post so that they pay attention or take any kind of action please share. Many sellers do not provide other shipping options.


I’ve been getting aliexpress stuff in 30 days for the last while. Maybe it
depends what you order? I do know they were checking everything for
Fentanyl for a wihle.


I noticed the problem with Canada post seemed worst delivering to my home

My problems started after Christmas. Buying anything from Ebay has be come
extremely risky if it is not shipped from Canada or the US.

It seams registered mail does reach me but with 3 month delay on PCB
boards, but unregisterd does not. DHL shipping seems like the only reliable
way to get anything from China.

And if your china shipper says please wait, DO NOT. Just cancel, waiting
will me you don’t have coverage through your ebay, CC or paypail.

I am sure this is causing a lot of pain. WTF happened with Customs.


I think this situation pissed off so many people. There have to be something we all can do to give Canada Post all of this pain back!


Perhaps call up their omsbudperson and provide feedback if you feel you
have a complaint? That’s probably the best way to do it rather than giving
them pain back.


Alexei, I’m not saying you are wrong, but I would like to know what evidence you have that the package is being held up in Canada?

My suspicion based on the tracking numbers I have received is that the shipping companies EMS and ChinaMail have switched to some lower cost transportation method as I see longer times between departure from China and arrival in Canada.

I’ll have to disagree with Janet. I have called Canada Post to complain about service and I have subsequently called the Ombudsman. The only result I have received is that they are going to take note for their statistical reports, but as far as they are concerned, the delivery standard was met. (The specific case was when I was home and I received the mail, yet the next day I got a delivery notification indicating that delivery was attempted the day before and there was nobody home to sign for the package, so the package got sent to the post office for me to go pick it up).


Same complaints about slow delivery from Canada Post on a fly fishing forum I frequent:
The whole long thread:

or start here for one persons perspective:



Retaliation isn’t usually the solution. In a capitalist society, there’s a pretty simple answer - Use DHL or Fedex. Sure, it’ll cost you more, but that’s the trade-off, right? The choice is yours.


That would be true, if Canada Post was not a subsidized (from MY tax money!) “natural” monopoly. Nothing is capitalist about Canada Post, its an abomination that would never die no matter the competition.


All my packages held up in Canada. FINISHED boards from Taiwan, with HASL finish 2oz copper that costed me fortune are rusting here in Canada for 39 days now. I emailed Taiwan post - they pointed finger at Canada Post. In addition to all that there is this:

Canada Post does not track mail from Taiwan in their system anymore “because cost of mail tracking is so much less to customers in Taiwan when they send it”.


Your misplaced outrage is quite frustrating. Canada Post is a profitable corporation, it is not subsidized by YOUR tax money, and operates as an entity mostly independent of the government.

Delivery standards exist for a reason. If you can’t accept delays, pay for the appropriate level of shipping. We are incredibly spoiled with the free/extremely cheap slow-boat shipping from East Asia. It’s not going to last forever, as it is offered at well below cost as it is.

Delays within Canada are usually caused by customs anyway. Canada Post certainly doesn’t want to warehouse your stuff just to piss you off; it costs them money to do that.

I haven’t personally noticed any undue delays on stuff from China lately, just the usual 6-8 weeks.


Really!? Since when!? Why would you need to PRIVATIZE already privatized corporation?

First source google returned: https://www.thestar.com/opinion/commentary/2015/12/23/ending-canada-posts-death-march.html:
“By 2013 Canada Post was bankrupt. Its corporate debt had ballooned to $1 billion. It was losing money and its pension plan was underfunded by a staggering $6.5 billion. (All these financial obligations are guaranteed by Canadian taxpayers.)”
“Finally, freed from the universal mail obligation, Canada Post should be privatized and the proceeds go to paying off as much of its debt and pension shortfall as possible. Some former public postal systems have gone on, under private management, to become profitable international competitors.”


Your article is advocating for complete privatization. It is currently operated as a Crown Corporation; ie. it is not operationally controlled by the government, but is owned by and does report to it. Mr Warren believes, based on his speculation, that selling those government assets off to the private sector is a good idea.

They have been profitable since 2013, see their financial reports. It’s not like this information is publicly available or anything…

What might happen in the future based on this article’s speculation is just that - speculation. In the current state, the only way you can claim Canada Post is subsidized is to claim that the government’s guarantee on those obligations is ‘subsidy’. Until and unless Canada Post defaults on those obligations, it doesn’t cost anything.


I’m confused about the vitriol here.

Take a USB cable. It contains at least six different materials, all sourced
from different places, and possibly different countries. They get processed
into wire, sheathes, whatever form is necessary, and then shipped to a
facility. At the point, there are people or machines - but let’s be honest
here, it’s probably several people - assemble it all together into one
professional looking product. And then maybe they even test it.

After that, my order comes through, and someone processes that, grabs a
single cable, and puts it into a package (itself probably 4 materials), and
sends it on a truck. After that, it goes to a port, crosses an ocean, and
then onto another truck, sorting facility, smaller truck, and then finally
right to my front door.

The cable costs me 30 cents. Somebody is losing money here, and it’s
certainly not me. This is a gravy train that has always been doomed to come to
an end at some point, and maybe that point is soon.


That is Q3 2016, numbers in brackets mean losses. As an old libertarian I always get cringe when I don’t see word F$%&G in front of “government” but regardless this numbers look pretty bad to me:

So they are loosing our money AND they are loosing/delaying our mail.
I don’t understand position of people who say “it could be worth …”, “it is not that bad”. For what we paid for it it must be 10 times better and 10 times faster!


I would still negotiate that USB cable down to 28 cents or get better quality cable till foam comes out of my mouth. That is the way to go since we live in capitalism.

This thread is going kind of sideways. I am sorry if it is my fault. My personal conclusion is that Ebay, ALIExpress protection running out on purchases and culprit here appears to be mostly Canada Post.

Unfortunate consequence to all of this is that many people in Canada will get refund and will not return it to seller when they finally (90 days later) get item delivered. Sellers will suffer and they will later offload costs back to us - notice there is no damage to Canada Post in all this story.

I understand that some people have different opinion on subject.


Just so nobody else gets the wrong impression, you have cherry-picked their worst quarter; something like half their revenue comes in Q4. Look at the FY 2016 report. The numbers are fine.


No I looked at most recent report available, I did not open others. If numbers in other quarters look better - I did not cherry pick it.


Personally, I’m pretty excited about Taobao instead of Aliexpress. If only
there was anything I actually needed.