Walnut Wood Scraps?


Hey All!

Did you happen to make something out of the walnut wood scraps that were donated by West Coast Woodslabs (the ones on the back shelf or in the hardwood scraps box)?

If you did, please post your project here! We want to do a nice shout-out to them on our blog. If you have done my woodturning class ( Wood Turning Class - Sign up list ) then your project was made from these scraps! Please respond here with a photo of your project.



Here’s the mallet that @xquared and I made using Mike’s spindle turning techniques. Class was great and my first intro to wood turning. I’d also never worked with walnut before. Thanks Mike and West Coast Slabs!



Small bowl turned on the lathe

Spindle turned on lathe. All three pieces are from the same scrap piece of walnut.

A mini “sculpture” with this spindle.


Thursday’s woodturning class with Mike and Steve was awesome. It was much more thorough than I expected and we did get into many details about the techniques, the gear, and also completely unrelated topics such as the speed of electrons in circuit boards.
We made simple boxes from the walnut scraps, here’s my blurry result!


Adding these from the woodturning post:




The pieces not added from the woodscrap challenge: Walnut Woodscrap Challenge! - Due December 10th

My cuff links

@Lukeo’s phone stand:

@Logan_Buchy’s ornament

@SHuberts pen in the stone

@hughl87 scrap-inspired lamp





Thanks for the class!


Are there still scraps kicking around. I need a very small piece(s) for what I have in mind.