VMMF: ____ed At VHS

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is fast approaching, and it is a great opportunity to showcase what we do.

I thought this would be a good opportunity for a bit of a group project / collaboration. I have a few ideas, and am posting here for thoughts, further discussion and collaborators.

##One Thing, Many Ways
I’m not sure if VHS has a mascot or not, but the idea would be to find an object or logo and make it as many different ways in the space. Sort of like the frog from the 3D printing training, able to be reproduced using a variety of different techniques (e.g. laser cut, milled, sewed, welded, woodcrafted, etc) The VHS logo could be a good starting point. The concept would be to have each example for display at the booth, or at least have a photo available.

(Blank) @vanhack

Taking a little inspiration from @Janet’s poster, the idea is again based around all the different activities at the space. I was thinking the content would preferably be pictures of people doing the various things. This could be used in the promo video, some sort of interactive screen, or who knows…

Here’s my list so far: (Hack, build, repair, fix, learn, teach, serge(?), sew, stitch, brainstorm, code, program, debug, troubleshoot, solder, reflow, design, draw, draft, sketch, print, 3dprint, lase, turn, mill, fold, screenprint, cast, cnc, bikeshed, forge, weld, cut, glue, sand, bend, led (is there a verb for attaching LED’s to things?)


Sorta the inverse of the first one. A single machine / gizmo / giveaway comprised of different parts, trying to incorporate as many of the different machines / techniques as possible. (mill, lathe, laser, 3dprinter, pcb, vinyl, welder, forge, fabric, casting, papercraft,

Business Card / Takeaway Machine

Press a button, spits out a business card. At a minimum, I’m imaging some whirring gears, and flashing lights. Maybe take advantage of some sort of inking, or stencil, or

##How you can help:

  • Brainstorm ideas for gizmos / verbs / mascots
  • Do a thing, get a picture of you doing it
  • Depending on the desired direction, build something

TLDR: Let’s build or capture some stuff that highlights all of the different things people can do at the space. Great for both VMMF and making some dedicated stuff for open houses. Plus, fun.


We had these laser cut business cards a few years ago… and while they were really popular, general consensus was that they were too costly.

Your comment about dies triggered a thought about making a die to cut them out of paper-/card-stock. That might also be a nice gimmick, to have people “cut” their own business cards on the spot?

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I think @KevMacD was thinking about 3d printing frogs/other things as give aways for the info booth as well. Extra cool factor would be to have a 3d printer printing them on the spot.

Party cat with an access point that people can connect to (or we have a dedicated device connected to it), that sets different animations on an LED strip/thing.

There is a thingiverse model of a business card embossing roller I saw months ago. Shove a card in one side rolls out the other embossed


I made the logo laserable and made up a few with different materials. Wood, acrylic, cardboard, and EVA foam for a stamp version. I’m also planning to make a 3D printed and CNC milled aluminum version.

There are a few more materials that could be done on the laser including leather and paper. It would also be cool to have some help to make a version cast in resin, in vinyl, and sewed up.

Is there anything else I’m missing? Some sort of soldered or pcb version? Weld beads? Not sure how to epitomize the woodwork either.


@JDMc send me the file you used and I will get my wife to sew/quilt something up.
@Janet will knit something up :slight_smile:

I have been 3d printing Dath Vader rings and other stuff for VMMF, they take under 30 mins each so we can print some over the weekend


See attached. Properly sized logo with name in a couple different formats.

vhslogoname.zip (30.0 KB)

3D Printed on the Tinkerine:

Lasercut Puzzle:

…and I took a crack with the vinyl cutter. Imported a dxf from Inkscape. Haven’t quite figured out how to order the cutting of different layers. It didn’t work the way I had set it up. Also need to work on blade height / pressure / and likely look at a sharper blade:


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