VHS-VMMF2017: Call for Projects

Hey all!

With VMMF in less than a month, we would really love some cool projects to show off at both the soldering booth and the information booth.

Got projects to volunteer? Got projects to suggest? Please comment here!

I’ll update this post with stuff we have or are thinking of:

  • 3D printed giveaways (frogs and other figurines)
  • VHS-Promo-Video
  • Wall-of-awesome-projects: taking polaroid pictures of projects and stuff around the space
  • Promo display
  • LED displays

Traffic Light

This is large (bout 18" x 40") and really bright (can’t really dim the LED lights due to the constant current driver)…It does have an ESP-8266 controller (and even a DMX controller) but right now the code simply cycles through just like a normal traffic light…
Last year we hung it up behind the solder booth. Not sure if it was a bother due to the brightness or a help to attract attention…
Will bring it if wanted…


Robotic Talking Skulls

Buster and Bonez… Had these setup to tell really bad jokes when you hit a red button…Kids really liked it…
I’ll see if I can dig up a video of them…
I had the talking santa and xmas tree with talking ornaments also setup last year but found that people got confused as they couldn’t always see who/what was talking…

For this year I(we) need to do a few things first:

  1. Get some new jokes, some really bad jokes…
  2. Get all the jokes recorded in two distinct voices for show.
  3. Get the animatronics/lighting choreographed to voice recordings
  4. Bling up each of the skulls to make them look different and take on the personalities of the recorded voices…

So if you want your voice(s) to be part of VMMF/VHS history you have your chance…

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I started working on the ____ at VHS project. Could use some ideas / assistance to flesh it out.

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I’ll throw in my SMD-made-at-VHS makey makey board plus a play-doh or some other conductive game controller setup . Gamewise we need something new. If I get my act together I’ll set up Parsec. Best to chuck the whole setup on to the 3D printer laptop - think we did that lass year.

For the unenlightened - this is parsec. :slight_smile:

I can’t help with the jokes because I haven’t heard too many [family friendly] jokes recently. However, I am willing to “donate” my voice to the project. :slight_smile:

I could also bring my looms to display at the information booth: one is 3D printed and the other is laser cut. They are both small. I’ll post pictures of them later.

More info on the skulls from another VMMF thread:



Bump! Anyone else have anything to show off?

trying to get that rotating red light hooked up to something

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