Vinyl Cutter Workshop (Friday Dec 13th 6-8pm)

(Sorry for the short notice, wanted to get this in before the Christmas party). This workshop is called, how to use Heat Transfer Vinyl to make a reasonable amount of T-shirts.

Screen Printing is great if you want to make lots of identical T shirts, but what if you want to make 3 T-shirts for you and your friends. Well the easy way of doing that is with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), and this workshop will show you how.

No more mass production, this time we will be printing your custom designs. and I will show you how to process them so they can be cut. So please post your image here and i will tell you if it is possible. 1 to 3 colors, high contrast images only. If you don’t have a design, that is fine. We will be making Christmas themed Hackspace T-shirts as well (design posted later).

The workshop will be $25 dollars, this time you will make 1 T-shirt for yourself as well as 2 Tshirts for the HackSpace. If you want more T-shirts of your design, they will be $5 dollars each. You money will also be used to ensure that the we have a good supply of colorful HTV for everyone to use. I will be buying the vinyl we need for the designs.

Spaces are limited to 10 people. post here to let me know you are coming, and post your designs here as well, and I will tell you if it is possible.


Here the proposal for Christmas Design made by Hazel who drew this lovely art of the famous VHS beaver. That is 3 colors on a white Tshirt. You have a choice of black of white Tshirt for your design.


Thank you @yeungx! Please count me in.


This sounds super cool! I’d love to go but unfortunately my Christmas work party is that day. Thanks for organizing

Count me in!
I am thinking this, but it might be a little complicated (probably printed white on a black t-shirt, with the lightning bolts in something spangly):


Dear god I need this shirt @dbynoe

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Love it. Looks like it might do best screen printed, with gold or silver sparkly vinyl lightning bolts.

That is possible, if you are willing to put in the time to weed it. A complicated design like that would need to be screen printed if you wanted more then 4 or 5, but in low quantities, it is about even in terms of effort.

Make sure to bring in an image of that in a PNG format with the lighting bolts in a different color, This will help the setup process.

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Awesome, I would like to take part in this workshop. I will post a design shortly. What are the constraints specs for a design (line thickness, minimal gap etc)?

There is no hard constraints, but too much detail would make weeding a pain. Lines wider then 2 mm should be fine, you might start to lose details in the weeding process if you go smaller then that.

OK, sounds good!

Is the plan to use the vinyl cutter at the space?

yes. the goal is for people to learn how to use it so they can make a HTV Tshirt when they want to. The chirstmas Designs will be cut ahead of time so we are not spending the entire time waiting for things to cut.

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@jdmc are you thinking the vinyl cutter is a little dodgy/tricky?

@yeungx hopefully it’s working well for you.

I made a couple of test cuts and it seems to be working, i will stress test the machine before the workshop and keep people updated about the results.


Sounds good! I hope it works well for you. Unfortunately I have no idea how it works lol or would take a look this week. I know @xquared has used it quite a bit to make some cool things.

I am also in! @yeungx do you prefer cash? Also happy to ETF money to you.

Edit: also since it’s Friday the 13th. I hope someone makes this shirt:

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That should be fine, just know the final product will be on black or white Tshirts unless you bring your own. Also I would prefer cash if possible.

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I really really want to learn how to use the vinyl cutter but I’ll be at work for this. Very glad to see someone running workshops on this stuff again. GLHF!!!

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Next time, I will keep holding workshop on things. Hopefully eventually enough people will learn it that it will just be common knowledge.