VHS Volunteering needed for culture crawl November 18-21st

Hey, we have 2 artists at the hackspace participating at the Eastside Culture Crawl, and they might need some help. We are looking for volunteers to cover the following time slots. On November 18-19th from 5-10pm. and from November 20-21 from 11am- 6pm.

It would be best to have 2 volunteers, one for checking vaccine status at the door, and one for giving tours of the rest of the space if people want them. Even filling out part of the day is much appreciated.

Please comment below if you are free during those times and able to help out. Thank you

I will personally be volunteering on Thursday November 18th from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Thursday 5-10pm

  • Yeung
  • t.he.art

Friday 5-10pm

  • omkar
  • lionello

Saturday 11am- 6pm

  • Tamara_VA7ETR (from 11am to 3pm)
  • Carolina 3pm -6pm

Sunday 11am -6pm

  • elizabot (some portion of the day)
  • Index

If you volunteer for this, I will give you your choice of an art, a beer, or some chocolate.


I’m interested to volunteer on the 18th. I think that I would rather walk around but I don’t mind attending to new arrivals if whoever’s minding the door wants to rotate every hour kinda thing. I may be able to put some time in on the 19th as well from 6-8pm but the space is a bit far from my home so I cannot say that I will make it for sure.

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We can switch from time to time.


Like Janet - I’ll likely also be coming up with a nice way to thank volunteers for helping out. Beer is often a good solution but I will offer up a Chopping board of your own as a raffle prize to volunteers as well.

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I may be able to help some but won’t know until it gets closer to time, if so it’d be saturday or sunday. The person that owns the woodworking school I work at is participating also so I’ll be holding hours there part of the weekend.


Hi Yeung, I can volunteer on Friday 5-10pm. Incase there any last minute thing, I will inform you in advance. Thanks.


Hey! You can sign me up for Friday 5-10pm. Might need some help for the tour part. Is there a template I can follow?


Thanks for all your help in Volunteering Guys!

I’d like to ask for a quick favor to track down the person who runs the social media for the Hack Space. It’d be nice to be able to post something about Culture Crawl there. It’d be nice to have a few posts put together the week prior to culture crawl. One offering Tours of the workspace as part of culture Crawl, and one that features some of the work peices that will be highlighted as part of the show would be great. We might not have a whole lot of followers on instagram/facebook/relevant accounts but it would be good to showcase. If we can show some of our collective works up there we can hopefully draw some additional attention to our page.

I’m also looking for the instagram looking QR code for the hackspace as i’ll likely engrave that into a demo board i will have on display for culture crawl and see if i can drive some attendees to our social media pages.


I can do Sat 20th 11am to 3pm.

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I think the person is @xquared

I have access, and can post.
But I have not been actively managing the accounts

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In terms of checking vaccine status, what is required from attendees?
Is a proof of vaccination card sufficient or are we requiring vaccine passports?
Are we turning away guests that are unvaccinated?
Is there a max numbers of guests that we are allowing to attend the space?
I forget the max capacity allowed in VHS according to fire regulations, but if we are under half capacity, could we allow unvaccinated public to enter so long as they are wearing masks and sanitize their hands upon entry?

Our current covid policy has a max of 15, I believe.

Also, I can help out on Sunday - not sure if I want to be there the whole day, but I can be there at whatever time is most useful.

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If we have a building capacity of under 50, then we do not have to check vaccination status, according to the update to the Culture Crawl rules that was just emailed out. We have the right to enforce stricter versions of the policy if we so decide, but I think that since nobody is going to be doing anything that involves taking a mask off or other high-risk activites, and the immunization numbers in the lower mainland are so good, and the area is well ventilated if we have the fans going we should be OK with not doing the passport checks.

Because our crawl activities are limited to the back workshop, which is well ventilated and physically separate from the main space, I am going to propose that we adopt the Culture Crawl’s covid policy for that area of the space during Crawl Hours. Here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ujd8dpQGKVMp9NnVCQebFeaoJQqeemte/view (note that the vaccine passport requirements only apply to buildings with a capacity of more than 50 people) and I will do a separate talk post for this proposal.


I can finish up Saturday 3-6pm. Will I be the best person to answer questions about the space? Maybe the woodshop but probably not much else… :sweat_smile: is someone else going to be there at that time? I assume the artist?

The artists for sure will be there. you just need to either mind the space, or check for vaccine status at the door.

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Cool I can do that no prob.

I can be at the space Thursday during the day, Saturday after 3 and Sunday after 12:30 depending on the coverage.

I also want to get the jumbo tron running with something cool

Yes please, if you want. We for sure need someone to help out on Sunday. I can cover on saturday if need be, but i have work on sunday.