VHS Project Photography Contest!

Inspired by @yeungx’s upcoming Product Photography Workshop, I’m declaring a contest for VHS member project photos.

I’d like to see more good photos of people’s work, and publicly sharing it helps show off the space to potential new members.


  • It must be your project.
  • you must be a VHS member to enter.
  • It should be a clean “product photography” style setup shot - not just a quick snap. Take your time, think about lighting, composition, etc.
    • a lite touch with editing is encouraged.
  • project and photos should be “made at VHS” - to a reasonable judgement call. Suspending the rule thanks to Coronavirus
  • photo should be new - shot after the announcement of this contest.
  • to enter, post your photo, or a link to it, in this thread.
  • share your work on social media, tagging VHS in it.
  • there’ll be a separate voting thread after submissions, to avoid giving over benefits to early entrants.
    • feel free to post more than one photo to this thread, but I may request you narrow it down before voting, and a member is only eligible for one prize.
  • Awards will be by vote, with bonus points for:
    • providing a setup/explanation shot of your photo setup for others to learn from (in another thread is fine)
    • sharing the work on social media, tagging VHS
    • including the VHS logo / name in the image.
  • I may change or amend the rules capriciously and arbitrarily if I feel the need to better achieve the intent of the contest.
  • By entering, you give VHS permission to feature your photo on the website or in the space.


Bragging Rights!
also cash:

  • <=9 entrants, I’ll donate $25 as a first prize.
  • 10-19 entrants, I’ll donate $30 first prize, $5 second prize
  • >=20 entrants, I’ll donate $40 first prize, $10 second prize, $5 third prize.

I’d welcome it if anyone else wants to chip in for prize donations!


  • Entries in this thread by Midnight Pacific Time on April 30th.
  • Voting will take place in early May.
  • Extended indefinitely due to VHS Covid concerns.

Let’s see some nice shots of VHS projects!


Amazing! Thank you for doing this.

This sounds really fun!

I will endeavor to enter


Me too, lets see what we can put together.


I will absolutely dock myself points for the fact that it’s not taken at VHS (Photo is from Lost Coast, California), but here’s my entry, just to kick things off:

Pontiac Vibe Camper modifications

Areas used:

Wood shop: sleeping platform
Welding shop: sleeping platform supports, curtain railing
Paint and Mess Room: Painting sleeping platform
Sewing Area: curtains, sleeping cushion cover
General assembly table: Sleeping cushion cut and assemble
DMZ/large project zone: car detailing, packing and general project assembly
Bathroom sink: filling water jugs with good clean Canadian water


This is my entry for the Doughoccracy Croissants:


on account of everyone being encouraged to stay home these days, I’m dropping the rule about projects photos being at VHS - I’d still love to see what everyone is creating in these times, but I don’t want to encourage questionable actions there.

as a heads up, I’m also planning on extending the timeline if containment continues to be a priority and VHS remains closed - I’d like to see people create cool things, and promote VHS, and will align this contest with that.


Yah - I’m going to extend this indefinitely until VHS is back in a stable place :frowning: