VHS Gallery Event [and auction]! Installations Due September 1st

Join me in our first VHS Gallery event!

I’m hosting VHS’s first (annual?) gallery event. Because we can’t all pack into a room VMMF-style, I wanted to host an event where you can show off cool things you make. Given our current COVID requirements, I’m requisitioning the upper room (the one on the right as you enter) as “Gallery Space” for a September gallery.

Great! What should I do?
Something cool! Build something, sew something, program something, and find a way to show it off!

It is fun to share what we make. While we wish we could see everyone in-person as we show things off, this is at least a way for you to share what you’ve done and make someone else’s life a bit better.

How much space can I use, etc? Well, just do it. If your project needs something special, just give me a shout.

I ask that you have your project presented by September 1st, so get going!

Who approved this?
You did, by not saying “no” :wink: (but seriously, if someone wants to say no, I’ll consider stopping)

What about some sort of remote event for artist statements and sipping wine/fancy horderves?
Sure, we can do something over zoom. But you have to bring the wine and cheese. We can gather at some point during the month on a call, and one person can show off the items at the space while we all are at home talking it up.

Elevator Pitch
Make something for our VHS Makeshift gallery, put it on display for the month of September, and have fun!

I’m still reading
Great, we might also have a special guest in September. This would be good for that as well.



  1. Does it need to be something new?
  2. Does it need to have a connection to VHS?

I guess what I’m getting at here is, if I have something that I made at home 2 years ago, is it fair game to bring in?

@elizabot, excellent questions!

No! It does not. While I encourage new works, you can dust off something you’d like to show. Ideally it should be new to the VHS community though.

Yes, but the connection is you!

Yes, that is fair game. There’s no “theme” to this gallery other than that it is FROM VHS to VHS. I’ll even consider art from non-members if it fits within that spirit (for instance, but not limited to the Pacific Woodworker’s Guild); though I’d ask for a current VHS member to sponsor each piece (so that we can ensure they are all picked up at the end of the gallery event).

I’ll have a submission form soon that will ask for a piece name, artist name(s) (or alias(es)), when the piece was completed (if it is complete), a short statement about its origin (ie, “Made at VHS”, “Made in my Basement”, etc) and an artist statement.

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This sounds like a great idea. Have you considered putting items up for auction as a VHS fundraiser


That’s a nice idea, but… edit

I love this idea too much. Let’s do it. I’d love some help to facilitate the actual sales and/or a bidding system. Worst case, I’ll just do a classic spreadsheet that you put your bid on a piece of paper.

Adding your piece to the auction will be optional, and you can specify a % you would like to go to VHS (that % will be visible to bidders for full transparency)

There’s no requirement to put your items up for auction.

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Sign up here:


I signed up! I didn’t have a chance to upload a photo to the Google form, but this is a good reason for me to get some old projects completed, like this panel of latching illuminated pushbutton switches.


Just a reminder, we are less than 1 month away from this. I have 1 person signed up so far but I know there’s several people working on something. You don’t need to be finished to fill out the sign-up form (and you can go back and edit it, I’ve left response editing on)

I posted a note about my animatronic display but I will now be out of town on Sept first and will not be able to attend… I did delete the posting…

If you are willing to let it be there while you are gone, you can drop it off early. I’ll start setting up the area for installations to be set up this Wednesday.

Unfortunately the setup is complex and finicky so not something I would want to leave when I’m not around…

Hey Mike. Would you like this for the show? I don’t want to auction it and it may be a bit creepy.

I would love that!!! Yes please, auction is not required, not all pieces will be up for auction.

ok. Then i will bring it down. just so you know. it can be wall hung or just placed but it does need power

Cool beans. On Wednesday I’ll start setting up the room.

I can bring my guitar if it makes the cut…
Will bring a stand as well.
Didn’t get around to completing the “paperwork” yet.


I also have this fine piece of art and a couple of cutting boards.
Should I brink those in?


Absolutely! Those would be amazing!

PS, the paperwork is really quick and simple, and you can update it if you need to later.

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I have a piece that I will show as well. It will not be for auction though. I’ve submitted all the info via the google form.

I finally got around to filling out the paperwork - sorry that took me so long. I just submitted forms for 3 things. One of them I would like to hang from the ceiling if that’s ok. :slight_smile: