VHS bus stop ad - Transit Shelter Advertising Program


This is a program to give free advertising on transit shelter for non profits. There are a few hoops that you have to go though, and it looks like its a popular program with a four month waiting list. It might help us get people that are outside out normal reach.

Anyone want to go thought the process of applying ?

Eligible applicants
You can apply for this grant if your organization:

  • Is a Vancouver-based, non-profit, arts or culture or community service organization
  • Provides programming, activities or services that are:
  • Open to the public
  • Publicized city-wide
  • Held within the City of Vancouver itself (not in other Lower Mainland municipalities or the University Endowment Lands)

Eligible projects
We welcome projects that:

  • Provide program information
  • Raise awareness of a service being provided
  • Raise awareness of charitable activities


Bump. This would be a great thing for us to look into.

Any members (or Friends of VHS, or simply interested parties, etc…) that want to get started, go for it. Any support or help or whatever that you need, just ask.


Looks cool. You need to print the posters though which can be quite costly.Anyone have a hookup with a printer that would do large format outdoor posters for free? If they accept it would be 15-30?

I’ve run and designed campaigns for my company and could do one for VHS but would need the printing sorted out…


I’ll talk to a designer friend of mine who works for a film studio – he
designs movie posters and whatnot. He might have a lead on a local
printer that’d be able to help us out for cheap.


There is the 8.5x11 poster that was made by Darcy, I think. It’s awesome and looks like a vector, so the source files might be able to be tracked down. It’s a good starting point. I think I might have uploaded the PDF to the wiki.

We also have a resident signmaker at VHS. For outreach purposes, I’m sure there would be room in VHSs budget to pay fair prices to get them made.

But who is handling the paperwork!


Lol close. It was me. Denny.

I can pull off the same idea/concept - but I would make a bus stop ad very simplistic since people usually going by it only have a few seconds to look at it.

If someone else could find a sponsor/support for the signage - I’ll do everything else including paperwork.

That would be awesome if you could.

If you could reach out to this person? See what it would cost approximately to do?

The specs are:

47.25" x 68.25" -7 pt. Coated Translucent Bristol for lithography or screen-print
Resistant to shrinking, stretching, fading and humidity - UV Resistant Ink.

Quantity: ~15-30?


My bad

@sIGNgUY Want to give us a quote, here or PM or at directors@vanhack.ca ?


++ for @signguy but if this isn’t his thing…east van graphics is pretty awesome and just around the corner from VHS. http://www.eastvangraphics.ca/

I’ve printed a few small print runs with them and their prices are always lower than other shops around town.


I’ve used them a few times and am generally quite happy. They are charging approx $45-50 each poster so you would be looking at anywhere from $600-$1500 depending on final quantity and if they offer discounts.

Not cheap by any means, but they offer some of the better prices out there.


Is that with their artist/non profit discount?


The website stipulates they don’t really discount on their transit shelter ads because they are already quite cheap. I’d have to contact them directly to get a better idea of what they would or wouldn’t do. My guess is they wouldn’t do much cheaper than $40 a piece.


Thanks - good to know! I had no idea those were so


My designer friend says that the best print house in the city is Total
Graphics. Maybe we can reach out to them about getting a deal?


I would assume that we can get the printing done.
I would also assume that we can get the design made up.

There seems to be a 2-4 month waiting list, If you are willing I suggest that you submit the paper work now and we can figure out the rest later.

There is also a section for DIGITAL ads as well, So no printing necessary.
I could think of some fun ads for that!

I am glad that this is getting picked up and progressing.
Thank you!


Sorry. Haven’t been checking the list last few days. YES I can print large format. YES I have the media to do it on. And YES I can beat whatever prices if it is for VHS.


And Darcy did produce a vector version of his poster which is an awesome starting point. I have printed shelter ads before. Even with a highly discounted printing rate, the media itself is expensive.


We now have (near certain) confirmation of an address in the new year.
Is this something that can be put together in 15 days?

What is the next step?


Yea I was gonna bump this myself actually... Good timing. Was holding off because of the move.

I’ll figure out the paperwork side of things. Gimmie a week or so - I might have to field some questions to the BoD.


FYI this has been submitted to the city!


Crazy idea #1: What if we crowdsource 3d printed a 1 or 2mm thick design that filled the poster space?

Crazy idea #2: What if it was a simple electronic thing powered by the light in the shelter sign?

Crazy idea #3: Maybe something responsive to the shelter visitors? I imagine something to keep people busy while they wait for the Olympic village or main street Skytrain.