VHS bus stop ad - Transit Shelter Advertising Program


Crazy idea #4: all of the above?

At some stops I’ve seen sets of teddy bears, stacks of bills, functioning
clocks, etc, so we should have a fair bit of space to play with.


I’m sure they would be open to it as long as it doesn’t take long for them to install. I’ve done bus shelters before, so I’m guessing these would be the technical restrictions:

  1. Would have to be non-transparent since there will be a poster on the other side. We could TRY request the whole glass case which would give you a lot of space and reduce restrictions, but I’m not sure how open they would be to this.
  2. Quick and easy to install
  3. Involving electricity? Would need to be water resistant, and battery would have to last 8 weeks+ Solar may be an option if its quick to install, but you would likely need a south facing shelter.


Another update: They have let me know the application has been accepted and will be reviewed sometime on or around the 20th.


Nice job!

Do you have an updated banner design that I could grab and print off?


Sorry it took so long! I’ve been swamped and in and out of town!


Very nice!

Suggestion: instead of, say the glove, something ‘crafty’, like a sewing machine. And how about using a 24 hr. clock, or is that too ‘nerdy’?



I’ll try and get some of these printed up for tactical deployment


Just an update - Vancouver has no space in the program at the moment, but we are on a waitlist:

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for your campaign request/s to the Outdoor Promotional Programs. I write to inform you that it is not possible to allocate space to your organization for a campaign commencing in either June or July 2015.

While every attempt has been made to accommodate all the requests received, space is limited and not all applicants can be supported. Evaluation of requests takes into consideration the program priorities, scheduling possibilities, space availability, and past/future requests or completed campaigns within the calendar year.

Unaccommodated campaigns are automatically placed on a waiting list. Should there be a cancellation or more space be made available I will be reviewing the list for requests which may be appropriate using the general parameters originally submitted. If there appears to be an opportunity that compliments your needs, you will be notified immediately. You need do nothing more at this time other than letting me know immediately if you would like to withdraw from the waiting list or amend your request.

In the case of requests that span into August 2015 by three or more weeks, these have automatically been added to the pool of requests for that month. Again, you need do nothing more at this time other than me immediately if you would like to withdraw from the waiting list or amend your request.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about the content of this letter, please feel free to contact directly.

Wishing you a successful event,



I noticed that the ‘r’ in ‘learn’ on the black background version is
itself black,
rendering it invisible.

  • William -


That’s peculiar… It does display fine for me in any PDF I read but I noticed it’s off white. It’s rendering strangely on your computer.

HackspacePosterBlackFINAL.pdf (373.3 KB)

This should fix it.


Hey when is our big 10 year anniversary this summer? If we want to apply for the free transit poster program for July 2019, we need to have our application submitted by April 19th.