Venables Office/Entrance Flooring


So I guess that’s it - looks like small amounts are cheaper. Since we are here for a long time and this is the only time we are likely to do the floors I say we fork it out for all one colour and do both offices and the hallway the same.


Bah sorry yea looks like it’s only 5 boxes :-/ makes sense why it was so cheap. Im with @Janet on this one, I think it’s worth shelling out a bit to have consistent flooring for all three rooms.


Is anyone nearby any of the Liquidation World type shops like ?

In the past they have had bulk paint for sale, perhaps they might have flooring too?


Mimi just mentioned tiles as a possible option which might be a good alternative if it’s cheaper.

Would epoxy flooring be an option. Like we just paint it?


Would the flooring we already have do the hallway? Then we could tile the offices with cheapo tile. Something like this.


Can I be the voice of reason / Negative Nick here and continue to push for avoiding all non-essential spending until we’re cash positive?

It would be very silly to go bankrupt over laminate flooring.

But let’s spread the word and get cash positive ASAP! Parties every weekend


We have to cover it in something.


Can we find a good deal on astroturf?


No idea - check it out and see. That would be fun.


Nooo just joking! :hushed:



@janet there were boxes of that tile at Restore a couple of months ago. Cheap as in $10 a box. I used them to replace old broken tiles in our basement before we carpeted over them.


OK, my take on this…

  1. while we aren’t broke we need to spend our money wisely (or not at all) when it comes to things like this, paint etc.
  2. Ask yourself, how would you spend your own money, or what would you do if your budget lacked the $$$ to have nice, new, matching laminate in 3 adjoining rooms.
    3, wants and needs are very different. Yes we want high quality, cork based, nice to walk on, matching flooring. What we need is floor covering for 3 rooms at little or no cost. If that means each room has different coloured flooring, then that’s what we need to do.


I haven’t seen the space yet so forgive if this would be obvious on sight, but… Why? Is the existing floor so gorgeous that no hacker who gazed upon it shall walk away with sanity intact?


@miststlkr in the upstairs office space there are old tiles that had carpet glued on top of them. The carpet was ripped up leaving a mess of flooring


Gotcha, thanks for clarifying and not assuming bad intentions :slight_smile:


laser cut all our plywood scraps into like a puzzle with weird/fun designs then coat it in epoxy?


Best idea I’ve heard in a long time. No joke. I love it.


It’s old asbestos tile (but yes only a danger only when the building is demoed) from the dawn of time that is covered in crap including hardened glue from previous floor coverings. It’s rough to walk on, filthy/hard to clean, and I’m not super-keen on people stomping/hacking about on top of it since it’s old. Also if we don’t cover it now, it’ll never happen imo. Just my 2 cents.

At this point, I’d say, lets cover it as cheaply as possible.

Derp sorry just read backscroll. :stuck_out_tongue:

Double Derp - should add if the membership wants to leave it as is and decides to do that fire away! This is just my opinion.:smiley:


I’m going to check out a potential lead at science world; we had some linoleum flooring replaced in one of the larger galleries less than a year ago, and it’s possible that we still have spares of the old stuff that aren’t useful to us anymore. I’ll ask our building manager this afternoon if we can get can take if off his hands…