Venables Office/Entrance Flooring


I stopped by “Restore” in Lake City, Burnaby to look at flooring options.
The large office is 130 sq’
The entrance is 90 sq’
The small office is 80 sq’

This is what I found there: $1.50 Sq foot


$1.15 SQ foot may need vapor barrier. Enough for small office or entry


$1.25 SQ foot. Could do 2 of the 3 rooms with this, e.g. large office and entry


Over $2.00 SQ foot - too expensive




oh great, thanks for looking!

It looks like the first photo is vinyl plank? If so that definitely gets my vote - vinyl plank is so much more robust than laminate or pretty much anything else. Unfortunately it isn’t enough for the entire space, and it’d be an additional ~$220+tax to get the 5 more boxes from HD to cover the entire area. Pricey, though still cheaper than the carpet option. But also pretty much indestructible.


Yes, the first one is vinyl plank. I’m pretty sure it’s the click together type.
There would be enough to do the entry and small office.


@steveroy thanks for checking this stuff out.


I’ll see what’s available on CL too




@SteveRoy Not sure how useful but I remember there being a number of boxes flooring in the back storage area at VHS Cook St. It should be up on top of the shelves. Should be the same as what is currently on the floor at Cook


@Majicj we should just rip up the floor from Cook St and take it with us


Do we need flooring for the metal workshop? You can save some money there…


Those CL listings appear to be the kind of product that requires gluing down - major PITA. The one at Restore is a floating floor that just clicks together!


@Dmo No, this is just for the 2 office spaces and entry on the top floor


As @Majicj mentioned, there are a few boxes of flooring at Cook St which we can take. Also when we first moved into Cook St we had the option to rip up the floor and paint as well. So can @Arrgh or @rsim prod Bernard about this option?


Have noticed screws get dropped frequently at VHS, and our existing floor camouflages them so well, they become nearly impossible to find. I’d suggest minimal patterning and avoiding grey if at all possible on new flooring. Perhaps a light maple wood tone? A touch of warmth that offers good contrast to the grey/blue tones of metal bits, and doesn’t mop up room light too much.


Edit to say - it’s already spoken for


Already gone.