Venables Office/Entrance Flooring


Back to the cook flooring - could we rip it up and take it? If the place is just going to be demoed anyway we can put it to good use.i.e. ask Bernard?


$150 for 200 SQ feet, close to where i live


I’m starting to re-think my re-using cook st flooring idea due to the hours involved in tear up and the likely trashed state of the floor. Given how hard we are on floors we should probably lay down new stuff to start off right. Also someone has mentioned that Cook is most likely glued down.

Steve that looks good.


The bunker had concrete flooring and it worked well.


I’m not suggesting we need flooring put down throughout the new space - just the upstairs offices/entry where the carpet was ripped up and shows the old glue covered tiles and also the small piece of subfloor needed on the east wall where benches are going.


Just posting my questions from slack here:

Looks good, how durable is laminate and is this batch compatible with what we currently have?


If it is 200 sq foot it may be enough for the small office and entry space next to it. It won’t be compatible with the stuff we have


We have four boxes (new in box) of the Cook St flooring. I think they are like 1.6m2 or 1.8m2 area per box. I’ll have to double check… it might be enough for a small space. We would need roughly a third of the Cook street floor to survive in order to cover upstairs. It’s do-able. Definitely easier to just order a few more boxes of the stuff we have


@laftho those boxes are in the small office at Venables (last time I saw them)


Yea they are, I saw them there yesterday. I looked at the specs on the boxes but forgot to take a picture. I’ll do that today.


I took a pic last week. Here it 'tis!

Google Photos


There are some really good deals on some of the flooring… for these we’d need 18 cases @ $10.15 each, so $182.70 + tax so $205. That’d be enough for all the front rooms. And this stuff is AC4 vs the AC3 that we had a Cook St (durability of the floor, AC4 rated for semi-commercial)


It shows as $40.58 a box


My experience I have prefered vinyl for “mud” room usage.
It is easy to wash down and cheap. But is is not as stylish. However style is not something I personally care about.

The obvious winner here is vinyl flooring. All forms of vinyl flooring—sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, and luxury vinyl—are made with materials that are 100 percent waterproof. Vinyl is cheaper.

Installing vinyl flowing is very much like installing carpet flooring requiring, cuting and seaming if the sheet is not wide enough.


i didn’t want to make this into a huge debate by asking those questions. i just wanted to know how much we are expect to shell out for in the long run. IMO, the CL and restore laminates are great deals, it would be nice if we can have the same flooring across all three rooms though.


Sounds good! I think the big thing is - can we get pre-approval from the EPC to spend some money on it? Can we agree on max 400bux? Thanks!

I can see that Rona deal for the grey oak.


Which Rona has it on for $10.15 a box?


I’m seeing it for North Van (Park and Tilford). You can buy it online and pick up in store. I can put it on my VISA if I know I’ll get paid back. I can’t pickup - sorry on a big deadline.


OK, that’s a deal


Alrighty - just let me know # of boxes and who’s picking it up. @laftho any chance that is near you - I know you live up that way.

Ack - only 5 boxes in stock there.

Seems like all the super-deals are low amounts of stock.