V.I.C.™ 12 Tabletop Solid and Perforated-Flask Casting Machine


We have a line on a donation of a VIC 12 Tabletop Solid and Perforated Flask Casting Machine. See photo below or check out the above website link. The one we have is not quite so shiny and new but it does appear to work.

I’ve brought it in to VHS for anyone to look at and to see if there is any interest in keeping this machine.

It is used for casting metal parts, jewelry being one example, or cosplay parts etc. To be able to do this we would need to get all the other casting bits, furnace, crucibles, investment material etc. So this would be a project in itself.

@Gibbtall found this youtube video of Adam Savage trying out casting with another similar machine.
Adam Savage’s Maker Tour: Making a Metal Fidget Spinner

@dbynoe describes the casting process like this:

re that machine, the way its supposed to work is you put your wax [or 3D printed] model onto a wax sprue, then attach that to a domed piece of rubber that goes over the end of a steelpipe (exhaust pipe works), you then pour casting investment (basically high temp plaster) around it, and use the bell section of that machine to degas your investment. After you burn out the wax in a kiln, flip the thing over and throw it on top of that machine (the flat platform). using a torch you melt your silver in a crucible, turn the vacuum on, then pour the metal into your mold. the vacuum pulls the metal into all the nooks and crannies (silver sets up FAST, like 2 secs max). THe idea is the investment is slightly permeable to air. In a pinch you can use a shopvac to vacuum cast but those machines are nicer.

If we do decide to keep it then

Comments and thoughts on whether we should keep this or not would be appreciated.


Equipment review

What it free? I’m definitely ok with keeping it, it might just live on a shelf for now but it can get its own spot in the next shop. I’ll poke around at it to see if it works, but it seems pretty simple. I think an investment cylinder and some plaster is probably all we need to get running on this atm.


Could you use it with Silicone molds and stuff for degassing?


You can certainly use the dome for degassing, though it’s built to pull a vacuum pretty quick, which could cause your silicone to boil over. Plaster is much easier to clean up. I’ll do a test sometime though.


I would very much like to put Marshmallows in it and other such items.