Sold - Rio Grande VIC 12 Tabletop Casting Machine - July 25,2022

VHS currently has a Rio Grande VIC 12 Tabletop Solid and Perforated Flask Casting Machine for sale.

All proceeds of this sale goes to VHS.

Brand new this machine cost $1800 US.

All offers will be considered especially starving artists. :slight_smile:

It is functional however showing lots of wear and tear and comes as is with no warrantees and is not returnable. Keep in mind that this casting machine weighs 104 lbs (47.174kg) and requires two people to move it and takes up a good chunk of table space.

In the 3ish years it’s been at VHS it has never been used for casting. It is taking up needed space so it is being put up for sale.

Preference will be given to VHS Members who want this however it must be taken home (i.e. not left at the space)

Below is a YouTube video on casting with this machine.


When buying please doublecheck that all the parts are there. Thanks Mark for listing! A score for anyone wanting to do casting.

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I’m going to put my name in here - I’ve been wanting to get into investment/lost wax casting for ages, and have the wax sprues, spent ages practicing mold cutting, and then… life got in the way. :slight_smile: So I’d love to pick it back up soon, and it would suck to lose this opportunity in the mean time!

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Looking at the list of parts supplied with a new machine

The machine at VHS does not have any of the following:

  • Cast perforated flask sizes 7"H and 5"-, 4"-, 3-1/2"- and 3"-dia.
  • adapter seals included for all these sizes
  • cast solid flasks up to 7"H x 5" dia.

Anyone planning on doing investment casting will also need to have access to a furnace and other associated tools.

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oh wow, i didn’t even know we had that thing

Sold today for $250 via Craigslist to instagram user @wingnut_toys.


Well-done, the effort it can take to sell things like that can be quite a bit, it is greatly appreciated by us all.