Tour Requests: Curious about Vancouver Hackspace? Come check it out!

Vancouver Hackspace is an amazing creative space, located at 1601 Venables near the cultural hub of East Vancouver, is full of many unique individuals who are always happy to give curious folks a quick tour of our inspirational home. Our Events calendar has a constantly updating list of when the space is open to non keyholding members and non members alike. Normally, we hold open house hours EVERY TUESDAY EVENING for inquiring minds to come and visit.

Additionally, keyholder members may be available to guide curious onlookers around when they are available. Feel free to ask below 9or click the SIGN UP button in the top right corner of this page) if you are unable to make it to an open house event or would prefer something a bit more low key and personal and a member will do their best to arrange a tour. Don’t forget to mention what sort of makable thing you are interested in and when you are available for a walk around; our members all share the space, but have their own favourite spots!

Already made up your mind, and want to become a member? Our membership page has all the information you need to join our community and any questions you might have about becoming a keyholder yourself.


I am a designer/architect and I am looking into making a series of artifacts ranging from unique furniture pieces to smaller decorative objects all inspired by architecture and computation. I am interested in learning about the wood workshop as well as digital fabrication tools like CNCs and 3D Printers at VHS.
I live close by and I am interested in getting a tour any time that is possible for a member to show me around, starting with Thursday May 23rd noon. I am also available for other dates and times.
any takers?


hi @Mahdiar I’ll be at the space this evening (Friday) between 6 and 9 pm, if you’d like to come by then I can show you around.

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Hey everyone,

My name is Morley and I’m interested in touring the hack space tomorrow (Sunday, June 2).

I’m interested primarily in woodworking, though I would like to learn metalworking and CNC as well.

Is anyone available tomorrow afternoon/evening to give me a tour?


Hi Morley, I’m planning to be at the space tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon at around 1 pm, and I could show you around then.

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Awesome! How long do you think you’ll be there?

It’s really hard to know, but any time between 12:30 and 1:30 should be safe.

Hi guys,

My name is Dash and I’d love to come down and check out your space. Im working on a project where I need to 3d print some resin, as well as lasercut and mill some small metal pieces. Id love to come down and check out your space. I have laser cutting and printing experience but the CNC is totally new. I just got off the phone with a member and I was encouraged to swing by during one of your open hours. I can come by Friday (June 6th) or Tuesday (June 11th) if either of those times work for you guys.

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Hi @donout I can give you a tour on Friday evening if you’re able to come down between 6 and 9 pm.


After 6:00 works great for me, Ill see you then!

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Hiya! I’m Lumi. I’m a new VHS member, after having signed up sight-unseen because VHS seems rad.

I’m mostly into electronics (between working on silly-but-useful-to-me embedded projects, and reverse engineering random hardware I have) and 3D printing (I have a pretty good FDM 3D printer at home, but being able to print in resin could be useful), but always looking to enhance my maker skills in other areas too :slight_smile:

Would anyone be able to give me a tour if I showed up during the member hours tonight (somewhere between 6-9pm)?

Looking forward to meeting some of the folks here!