Time to take your projects home


The first step of the upcoming move is purging, so we have room to pack, and less stuff to pack.

Following are all the personal stashes and projects I was able to find today. These need to be taken home ASAP. I didn’t bother writing up “parking tickets” for each item, but consider them ticketed.

Please reply to this thread to say when you’ll be able to remove your items.



Lots more unlabeled lumber (@Enquire or @Lantana?)


@Electric-Gecko - looks to be very overdue

@mike / @Majicj





@SteveRoy @KevMacD

@Gibbtall is this yours?


No name - please tag!

Paint - @Enquire?




I don’t remember what that was that I left for Mike. Wood? Or perhaps jig for lathe tool grinder. Anyways nothing there now so you can throw out that piece of paper with my name on it.



Hi Luke,

The “L shelf” (picture 1) is mine, actually a project for a neighbour.

It just needs the cut edges to be finished and with edging material glued on. Not much, actually, something that I plan to do the next time I can get into the space for a couple of hours. Maybe this weekend?

By the way, where is the new space? I have seen draft floor plans, but no idea of its geographic location.

Also, I am ready and willing to assist with move as and when able.

FYI, I am a modo.coop member, so could, for example, pick up drive one of their vans or trucks to assist with the transportation logistics.


Peter (aka enquire)

m: +1 (778) 889-6875



The 4L paint cans are mine too. I would have taken them already, but I on a bike the last couple of times. I was given these by a friend and I brought them in to check that the paint was still good, and paint test swatches.

Both are good.

I will remove them on my next visit.




I’m back in the province next week. I’ll be picking up foam and vending machines for sure. Probably tons of material by the molding stuff and the mahogany stashed in the way way back.

Lots of the molding stuff is intended as space use, I think this is a good excuse for me to purge things I don’t want to share and make an official “this is all up for grabs” zone in the next space. I also now have more storage at home for shop stuff so less excuses for leaving equipment and materials in common space.

Tldr: big stuff first week of Jan, cleaning as I pack after that.


Just because you see it that way doesn’t make it true. There are several tools that are owned by VHS, and lots of material that have been donated that others just haven’t made use of yet. I’ll be removing what’s mine, but I’m not storing VHS tools and material at my home.


I’ll pick up my stuff over next week


@lukecyca that fog machine is property of vhs or @TyIsI, thanks for helping clear up the space.


I am sorry, that I missed the news of the Move? when and where too?


It’s on Venables and Commercial, and towards the end of this month. We’ve been prepping it for a little while now, check out the thread if you want to help out! :smiley:

Social media / announcement posts will start ramping up nowish, I guess




All my things should be out now.


Update one week later

Thanks to those who’ve removed their stuff. Today I still see stuff from:

Please remove your personal projects ASAP.

Also @Gibbtall it looks like you’ve removed a ton of stuff from your bench. There is still a lot left though. Can you let us know the status of what’s left?


I can be by on Saturday to grab that metal bar. Though it’s pretty much scrap at this point - it was leftover from the injection molder build. Do we still have a box of metal scrap it can be added to? @Majicj do you have any use for it at colab with the rest of the scraps we had?


Sorry no.


Pinball removal is underway.


Hello Luke,

As far as I know, there is only one item remaining (the L shelf), not three.

if you see three, what are the other two?

I plan to finish the L shelf this weekend, and then promptly remove it.

Do you have any idea if and when the space will be open?

Many thanks,


m: + 1 (778) 889-6875


The blue poplar shelves and uprights belong to me. I will arrange a vehicle to remove them, and be in tonight to remove my tote if the space is open.


Just to confirm, you are removing it from the space this weekend, even if you don’t complete it, right?

Everything must go, tools will be packed up starting Monday


@Enquire there are also a couple pieces of wood marked as your “pigeon project”.

There are a bunch of other pieces of wood around here, and it’s unclear to which project they belong. Maybe yours or maybe some of the other members’ projects I’ve mentioned.

Just want to reiterate that all of these materials and projects need to be out this weekend. People will be here cleaning and moving and you are welcome to join!