Time to take your projects home


Thanks Luke,

I am hoping that there is an open period on the weekend that coincides with my availability. Ideally an afternoon or evening.

The thing I am concerned about is the L shelf, I should be able to wrap that project up in an hour or so, and remove it (it is a favour I am doing for a neighbour and friend). The other pieces, possibly I don’t need, but I will deal with them at the same time.

If I had my druthers, I would be right there helping with the move, etc. However, I have been enmeshed in pernicious court this week which will undoubtedly rattle on next week … but I should be able to come in over the weekend. When things settle down, I am ready and willing to help with the move logistics and setting up the new space.

Many thanks Luke,



Opps sorry about my stuff being there. So i’m wondering when is the shop open so I can grab my stuff?
Angela (not a key holder)



I have been consumed this week and which will likely rattle on next week.

I plan to come in over the weekend either on an afternoon or evening to take care of everything.

If I can extract myself, then I will be available to assist from sometime next week.



I’m still working on it. I borrowed 2 bins to haul stuff home, tonight/tomorrow I’ll be unpacking those to bring back and get the second load. Next trip will be the last of the stuff on the casting bench that is mine and the two vending machines.

There’s quite a bit of unlabeled resin/silicone. I’ll toss what’s not useful.


Please keep the white tubs of 100% solids epoxy. It’s very expensive and machinable.