The Old VHS Minutes Thread!

Recently VHS voted to update the VHS Principes of Unity with something called One Minute for VHS. See details here.

One Minute for VHS:
Every time a member is at the space, in addition to cleaning up after themselves, they are asked to spend at least one minute on tasks that help the space run. All these minutes add up and help VHS run and be more awesome. Doing more than one minute is not necessary but very much appreciated!

Examples of minutes (they can be anything that helps the space):

  • sweeping
  • taking out garbage
  • tidying an area
  • cleaning a tool or machine
  • emptying out Dustin the Roomba
  • Taking a photo and posting it to Instagram to promote VHS
  • Posting on the VHS website
  • anything else that helps VHS

No one is monitoring who-does-what, doing a minute for VHS is just a good faith thing. Feel free to post what you’re up to in this thread or what things at VHS you think needs some minutes. Thanks for keeping VHS great!


I was down at VHS this week so I took a few minutes to break down cardboard and take it to the loading bay. Then I watered Peter Parker and Black Widow (our resident spider plants). I’d love to see more air-cleaning plants at the space if people have some to bring in.


I recorded a walkthrough video since I’m here alone, I’ll upload it one of these days. :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on Nomos. To get some new functionality in that @colorcoded developed.

Collective hours burned so far: probably 16+ between the two of us. Probably a lot more.


I’ve been working to migrate the membership server to a new machine.
Hours spent: at least 8+ so far because of setup and dependencies.


@xquared just scored a great new sewing machine for the space. Woo. I had a quick look at it this week but had no time to clean and oil it. Just posting here in case anyone has some time and wants to check it out. The handwheel is hard to turn so the washer in it may need to be turned a little to move the worn spot on it.

It’s sitting on the counter in the sewing machine area and has black tape on the handwheel.

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We have two new keys for the men’s washroom.

I hope we don’t loose these.


Awesome. Thanks for making that happen!


Yesterday I sorted a bunch of boxes over the soldering area back onto the right shelves so that the C4 boxes are on the C4 shelve etc.


A true minute when I came by to pick up something from the drop box on Friday; stacked the welcome desk stickers.


Today I emptied the recycling blue bin bottles and cans into to a garbage bag and left it in the back laneway for the bottle collectors


The open-house calendar entry for tomorrow somehow got deleted. I just put it back on again.


If you are reading this and going to be in the space today or tonight - please remember to do your one minute for VHS - tidying, getting an open-night visitor to sign the waiver, giving a tour, answering the door phone, anything that helps us run etc…all these things are super helpful and keep VHS going. It’s amazing we do all we do as a 100% volunteer-run organization! Woo!

I took a minute and made this poster about minutes. :smiley:

See download links below with and without crop marks.

VHS Minute Poster.pdf (6.5 KB)
VHS Minute Poster (1).pdf (6.5 KB)

Here is an image preview:


I should add we really need a few blog posts in the next while if anyone wants to feature their project or anything else they are working on.


A travel mug with coffee was left in the Lost and Found. The coffee spoiled and spilled in the locker. It is now clean again. :slight_smile:


spent more than 1 minute (but less than 10) trying to put away some of the small plastic drawers that have been piling up in front of the wall of hardware…

looks like we have some drawers that don’t have a place to go so will start trying to sort through and perhaps get rid of the mixed up probably never get used bits…

but that is for future minutes…


Someone spilled all the pegboard clips around the drill chargers. 60 seconds later? No more mess.


Woodshop stuff :

Cleaned the shop vacuum thoroughly today. This thing really needs to be emptied often, and the filter shaken/tapped over a garbage can. Emptying the vacuum but not touching the filter is about half the job done.

By the way do we have a policy on how to dispose of all the sawdust in the big vacuum (the one with the cloth bags)?
It was overflowing a couple weeks ago and I emptied it partially into a big used garbage bag I found, partially straight into the dumpster (no more garbage bags). BTW, emptying this thing when it’s more than full is really no fun.

I vacuum the front of the air filter above the workbench every time I run it. It really takes 1 minute. It seems to be a good habit because I always find it covered in dust the next day, meaning it builds up fast, and it actually does filter the air…


Added some new events to teh calendar.