The Mullet: Window bars and display


The new space has some amazing windows up front. street level. We’ve been discussing ideas for what to put up in them, and how to secure them.
Here’s a picture of the front of the space.

I’m currently thinking of welding up some frames that fit the windows, and getting the help of our wonderful local welders and fabricators to fill in the frames with a nice (but secure) design! I’d like to leave a bit of room, and maybe even have space for projects to be displayed in front of the bars.

Nothing is decided yet. Bikeshed away!

The Venables Prepper Thread

I think something needs to be done with the sign - LED’s?


Sign will be another matter. Changes to the sign will need to be approved by city and by our landlord.

i’d personally like to paint the whole thing (blue case), leaving a black area for the metal plaques (which are certifications)

We should fork this to another topic though.


So my lovely wife, colab member, welder and sculptor, has volunteered to take this on. Her main stipulation is meatspace discussions only (its almost like she used to be a director of a hackspace).

There will be a work party this coming Sunday at co-lab, mostly chopping bars to length and lots of welding, max four volunteers, some metal fab experience preferred, also colab has a $10 drop in non member fee (there may be discussion around the fee at VHS and colab, but plan on it costing 10 bucks to volunteer).

Timeline for the project:

  • Dec 30 - Sunday - Site tour, measure all the windows check for mounting points, tour neighbourhood for what is the local style - done
  • Dec 31 - Monday - Drafting and Budgeting
  • Jan 2 - Wednesday - Get materials
  • Jan 3 - Thursday - Assemble foundation frame and mount points at colab
  • Jan 4 - Friday - Check fit of foundation frames at new space
  • Jan 6 - Sunday - Work party to build out frames at colab



I’ll come and help at Colab and VHS

fwiw Colab non-member drop in fee is $15.


Janet Mader has taken point like a boss on this project! :slight_smile: Awesome work and wow is all I can say right now!

Some photos of the work today at Colab
@Lantana Cutting stock on the bandsaw

Janet laying out the frame for one of the the large front windows

Squaring up and tacking the large window frame bars.

Tacking up the corners on the frame for the small window beside the front door

Lantana gets and introduction to MIG welding from Janet

Lantanas first weld on a VHS frame!

Nice bead there! I think it’s safe to say that Lantana likes welding :slight_smile:

There’s still lots to do on these frames at Colab and Venables.

Come down give us hand.


#girlsdontweld :heart::heart::heart: that’s pretty cool. Smashing stereotypes while making the space a better place. I love it.


I’ve seen a few female welders that will take any guy to task. Particularly in TIG for some reason. Great work everyone, Looking forward to seeing the results!


This is the napkin sketch of the new bars.

This is all the windows in order around the building from the side window on the left to the easternmost front window on the right. Solid black sections are plasma cut steel plate, the rest is 3/4 x 1/8" flat bar.

The steel plate is to prevent smash and unlock attacks on the doors and allow us to put in normal door locks/handles that you can open in an emergency.

Material cost as of now is $650, we bought extra though, so Janet figures around $600 should be the final cost.


This is insanely cool


At $600 I have to assume that VHS is paying for this?


Okay - this is awesome! You welders rock! Thanks for the pics!!!


So Janet and I spent 5 hours fabbing frames today. We had two MIG welders running. Definitely fun!

I got to work cutting up material with a bandsaw and metal chop saw along with some welding mount posts and flatbar mounting plate!

Welding 21/2" mount post on each frame corner

Welding flatbar to the corner posts. Its on the bottom there.

Detail of mounting edge

All the work that was done this Thursday and Friday

So. Big day planned for Sunday at Colab 10am-6pm. 1907 Triumph St. We fill in all the frames. Come down and help out!


Looks awesome! I will come down this Sunday.


I can’t find anything about rules for changing the placard already in the two-sided sign. Making it LED fancy gets complex - blinking is out, for instance.


This was so much fun and a real education! Thank you as well for helping me! @Majicj and Janet rock!


So we will be working on these bars today at Colab. 10am-6pm
1907 Triumph St. Near Bottom of Victoria Dr. and Powell St.

Come on down and give us a hand.


Some more pics from today

Laying down the paper pattern. Hand drawn with a projector. Old skooll!

Dropping down the frame over the pattern

Welding up the first few cross pieces

Janet and @Dmo talking layout

Dmitry getting ready to weld

@dbynoe on metal cutting duty

Janet welding up the V

Nice work everyone!


That’s looking great! Nice job


It was awesome guys! Huge thanks to everyone who organized this and make it happen. Can’t wait to see it at the front :clap:

Janet make it spark !

And first one is done!