Taig CNC Machining Training


People who have expressed interest in using the Taig milling machine. What kind of projects do you want to make? What is your experience level in CAD? What kind of information / knowledge do you need to find a project or get further along in planning one?




People who have been trained, what is keeping you from using the machine?





Lack of time :frowning:


I’d like to get added to the list please.
Project: The big one is a CNC Turret lathe
CAD experience: Hmm, 12 years with Solidworks, Autocad 2D since 1986 ish. Those are likely the most relevant.


I have not done much of anything at VHS recently as I’ve had two classes and work.

I would also like to get some training on the larger Grizzly CNC.



I used it most recently to create a prototype pneumatic-actuated pinch valve for beer/cider. I plan to do another iteration of that part this week.

Besides that, I have probably 4-6 parts in various stages of design that I plan to mill on the Taig in the next month.


I was thinking it would be handy to do some decorated features from the metal. I use 3D software every day at work, done some small projects in Fusion 360 but no CAM experience yet. I was wondering if there’s option to show how to use TIG on some simple existing project you already have? So just to get experience how to use machine safe and don’t use too much of your time as well. Thanks!


Hi Brian, partially lack of time but also I didn’t know since we moved out if we had or not power. We don’t have the coolant and I don’t know which and where to get


The last time I tried to use it (previous space) I found that all the gear was locked up in the cabinet. I couldn’t locate documentation that would release said gear to me.

I’d like to add a “good job!” to everyone who is using it. The machine always looks clean, so whoever is on it is very tidy. I appreciate you and your thoughtfulness.


Just curious, are you confusing it with the grizzly? AFAIK only the grizzly hardware is locked.


Maybe! “The grizzly” doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve only been trained on one cnc machine at Vhs.


I’d like to learn machining to expand the range of things I’m capable of making. I use Fusion 360 all the time for my personal projects, mostly for 3D printing and laser cutting. I’d like to build stuff in metal too.

I’m working on a toy traffic light project where I’m thinking that it would make sense to machine the housing in brass or aluminum.


It’s been a while since I tried using it, so at this point it’s a little bit about lack of confidence. Also it takes a fair time commitment to use. I do plan on giving it a go again sometime soon though.


If anyone wants a refresher, feel free to Taig along with me while I do one of my upcoming projects.

To my knowledge it hasn’t been run at the new location yet. What’s stopping us…

Power should be no problem. It doesn’t need anything an extension cord can’t provide. We have nice integrated power strips on the bench and can run a cord if we need.

Hmm. What coolant do we need to get? @Gear105?

There is nothing in the cabinet required to use the Taig. There are probably lots of other useful machining tools in there, but they are Richard’s semi-private tools, to which he’s given keys to a select few (not me). Everything required to run the Taig has been graciously lent/donated by Brian (wrenches, a vice, collets, a few endmills, various clamping hardware). You should know this (and also know which CNC is the Taig vs. the Grizzly) if you retained any knowledge from your training.


Thanks @gear105 I’m recovering from a 10 month big-arse work project so still not up to speed on getting back to making things. Trying to catch up on life. I think when I do I’ve been looking at projects like coffee tampers. There’s a design out there with a wooden handle that looks good.


I’m a new member who is interested in learning how to use the CNC milling tools as well (also how to use the manual mill/lathe) but I haven’t used 3D modeling software before. I have some experience with metal fabrication tools but have always resorted to using grinders and routers to add profiles to metal stock. Likely applications would be for some oddly shaped metal pieces for musical instruments.


Pick out a part you want to make for your CNC turret lathe and I’ll see if we can make it work for learning on the Taig. Solidworks is OK for the designing but we’ll need CAM, which Fusion has built in. There are a ton of online tutorials for taking a look and getting started.


I cannot offer training on the Grizzly.


Let me know if you want any help or review. Give me a shout when you plan to use the machine.