SuperSmallHappyHackerHouse (SSHHH) March 30th, 2019


Dear everyone! We have a new space, and its partly set up, we should have a party!

This is a smaller party to celebrate the new location, and to warm our way up to our big 10th anniversary party that is coming later, maybe, if someone organizes it and we actually get the space finished.


Open House (Noon – 5pm)
Never been to a hack space before? Dying to see the VHS space? This is the perfect time to visit! VHS members will give you a tour around the space, show off some cool projects, and answer any questions you have. Many of our members share an interest in 3D printers, laser cutting, machining, crafting, electronics, robotics, programming, electronic music, and art.

Show and Tell (6pm +)
Have you made something amazing? Are you in the process of building something that will become amazing? Are you just starting out and want to talk to people about your amazing idea? Come down to VHS and tell us about it. Bring your projects!

Small Super Happy Hacker House (8pm – Late)
Small Super Happy Hacker House (SSHHH) is a social night where members, friends and guests gather for a social night of conversation, lightning talks, and super happy hacker games.

Lightning talks – (11PM).
A lightning talk is VHS’ version of an un-conference, where people do short presentation on any subject that they want. Unlike other presentations at conferences, lightning talks last only a few minutes (2 min or less) and friendly heckling is encouraged.

Read a great Georgia Straight article about one of our previous open houses/SHHH!

Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly – 7 Oct 13

Photos: Vancouver Hack Space’s fifth anniversary open house

Nerds, start your engines.

1601 Venables Street
Vancouver, BC
Limited street parking is available just outside the space on Venables and Woodland Drive. Bikes can be parked in our loading bay for the night or locked up on the bike rack outside the front door.

March 30th from Noon till late (2-3 am)

Everyone! Hackers, Makers, Crafters, Kids, Guests, Members, Friends of VHS, Anyone and Everyone.
If you are under the age of majority (19) then you should bring your parent or guardian with you as well.

Because it is awesome!

Work Party - Saturday March 23, 2019 @ 10 AM

I was mentioning on Slack, we should try to advertise our events / build partnership with the Stormcrow Tavern on commercial drive as a fellow geek/nerd-centric space. I’m sure lots of their patrons would be interested in what we do, and hungry hackers would go there.


Hi folks,
So this is a week away, we had a good turn out at the work party today, and we got a ton of things done.

Some people were asking about media coverage for the party next week, and well, we only get to do the big media introduction once, and we are not quite at the point where we would make a great first impression to John Q Public.

As such, lets save the full on advertising campaign with media and what not for the 10th anniversary party this summer when the battle station is fully operational.

That said, tell your friends, your coworkers, and anyone you think is crazy enough to want to come down to a 3/4 built hackspace and help make it awesome.

Also, bring yourselves and lets celebrate the move, the new space, the work that’s been done and all the potential for what we can build in our new digs.


If people would like to bring food for the party that would be awesome. I am bringing some pulled pork and coleslaw and Janet is cooking up some home made ice cream (or whatever the opposite of cooking is… freezing up maybe?) along with a few non dairy iced coconut milk/sorbet options.

Requirements are: no peanuts in the space so we don’t kill our anaphylaxis prone members, no loose wheat flour and don’t label things gluten free unless you have a dedicated facility (gluten friendly works if there is a risk of contamination).

Post below if something else is going to cause you grief if it comes into the space.


Yo! During open to the public events please keep an eye on hackspace stuff and your belongings. Also please drink responsibly and get home safe. Have fun!


Is there any secure or semi-secure storage during the event? Is the leopard room open to the public, and could we place Public-Don’t-Touch stuff in there until needed?


I know that we have at least one member that has shellfish on their do-not-food-this-makes-dead list.


Hmmm hard to know. Since we don’t have any staff, there’s really not anywhere we can guarantee people’s stuff will be secure if left unattended. Probably best to just keep an eye on your own things. The open house is usually pretty good as people come through and have tours throughout the day and it’s fairly low key. The party can get a little crazy. I’d say as long as the back door stays shut and folks just keep an eye out we should be fine.

Also should add we have not had a ton of theft during these events although the odd thing or two has gone missing from a space that had multiple entrances (one was at street grade). It’s just classic Vancouver so good to keep that in mind.


Obviously no one is going to guarantee the security of your stuff, but I personally have never had anything go missing.

The new neighborhood is definitely a little sketchier, but the leopard room should be more or less immune to walk ins. No reason for tours to go in through there.


Yeah, I was thinking more for storing stuff that’s fragile or has small parts rather than expensive.


Probably the last place people should be going at the end of the night when tipsy is the one room with very low sprinklers.


Also you have to watch out for the Leopard and that crazy weight hanging from the ceiling. Escape Room!


Swung by the space today and the new dumpster is awesome! Thanks for setting that up Mimi. Mark and I cleared out some garbage and other bits and pieces. I also put a few things away. Space is looking good. Garbage keys are inside the dropbox.