SMD Night: Intro to SMD, March 31st, 7 - 10 PM

The first SMD night will be on Friday, March 31st from 7 - 10 pm. Event sign up coming shortly!

The intro project will be the blinky star badge. This is a great little project and will get you ready for an intermediate SMD project coming in April.

If you have your own reflow project or are building other SMD projects, feel free to join us on these nights to socialize, build, and enjoy all things SMD.

Event signup coming shortly. Will post here first.

Other projects we can build include the following. Let me know what you’re interested in! Personally I’d like to build a benchtop power supply with the ATX breakout board, but we’ve done that before. I’d like to know what experienced SMDers would like to build as well.

micropython v2.0
sparkfun sx1509 io expander breakout
sparkfun attiny programmer
sparkfun pocket avr programmer
sparkfun AD8837 signal generator
Makey Makey Board
USB Isolater
Ada Fruit USB Isolator
ATX Breakout Board (build your own benchtop power supply)
FYI - the cost of this event will be very low ($10 - $15ish) however if funds are prohibitive for anyone I will donate a few kits to the cause. Send me a PM if that’s you and we’ll get sorted.


Get yer tickets now for the SMD night!!! This will be a fun time. It’s 10 bucks, members only at the moment. If cost is an issue, please PM me.

Hi there - just bumping this. There are 5 tickets left for the SMD soldering night (including reflow oven training). If you want to make more advanced SMD projects (and we’ll have a few coming up) this is the place to start.

Right now it’s members only but I will open it up to non-members on friday.Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve just opened this event up to non-members. Please join us! There are 3 tickets left. Also - a reminder to please PM me if funds are limited and I’ll get you sorted out.



This event is sold out! Thanks everyone for signing up! If there more interest I’ll run another intro night. Cheers!


Update! A ticket has just become available.

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Great night! Thanks @Janet for organizing this! A few snaps from tonight’s well attended workshop!


You will notice in the first picture that @Janet has stars in her eyes.
Thanks for organizing the workshop and also @packetbob and @Majicj for the help, Anne and I both enjoyed it.


Thanks for coming everyone and thanks a bunch @packetbob, @majicj, @jarrett, and @wander for the help! It is much appreciated.

Sorry again about the part issue - which I’m pretty sure we determined to be a cap issue, but there was some great troubleshooting going on. I’m pretty proud of the awesome level of soldering (both hand and oven-based) that happened. It was also great to see people trying the paste dispenser and using the solder stencil.

Just a reminder that the oven instructions are here.[]=solder&s[]=oven

I hope to see lots of people doing more SMD soon.



Hey! Another SMD workshop is coming up! Check out the details here.

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SMD peeps - check out Luke’s partycat board. It’s for sale now.

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