SMD Workshop with 0402 building an ARM debug probe?

Sjaak from kindly let me use his gerbers from his blackmagicprobe in a pcb run recently. @Majicj pointed out the v2 is kickstarting now so presumably the v1 is fair game for cloning.

It’s a tight build with almost all 0402 parts and a 48 pin qfp but is nothing to fear, just needs more time and patience.

Am looking for interest in a workshop later this month, cost would be about $15-$20 as the uProcessor is $9 alone.


I’m in for one, although I probably won’t be able to attend and solder during normal workshop hours.

That is JTAG is .1in?

If this board had a compact JTAG .05"
I would be interested.

Hi Tom,
I am interested!

Yep, I’m in, I’ve been feeling a lack of a decent JTAG/SWD programmer,
lately. For those wondering, looks like the main improvements on the
Kickstarter version is that they added level shifting on the output so you
can target devices as low as 1.7v. Oh well.

I’m interested!

So that is this?

This seems really interesting. Would this probe allow one to do a live
version of this:

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Can we build a .1in to .05in cable adaptor board at the same time.

I am in.

@tdwebste that sounds like something that a lot of people will have run in
to, so I took a look at OSHPark’s gallery. Some of these may work, and you
can order them directly through these links:

$13.85 -

$5.05 -

$5.00 -

I’m also in! Wooo!

There’s also a pile of JTAG adapter boards that come up on AliExpress, fully populated with shielded pin headers, but I don’t know which variant would make the most sense. And even with an adapter board, you need to come up with suitable cables.

I was assuming I’d most likely be using this with a bunch of individual jumper wires from the SWD port, but I guess everything depends on what target you think you might use.

@tdwebste yep 0.1" pitch. I’ve put a few connectors on the mouser order. I want to make an adapter that is compact by using a slim pcb between the pins.

I just submitted my board to oshpark, will take a while as it is on the 0.8mm queue. 60c for 3 woot!

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i’m in as well, if we get enough people, would the price of the MCU drop a bracket?

Only 80c cheaper at 10 or more.

It’s about half the price at Future, MOQ of 5. Their stock of components is not as good as DK or Mouser, and the parametric search sucks, but if all you need is passives and jellybeans, you can probably complete the BOM there for substantially less. Often I find it’s worth making multiple orders for one project because Future is so much cheaper. $7.50 flat shipping.

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Interesting, that is an older chip, which is only cheap at very high

Newer STM32F4 chips are available for less money. Only if I had a little
more time. I would redesign this board to use a chipper new chip.

I assume full source is available for the debug probe?

Yes, @wander linked it earlier. The software can even be flashed to at least some versions of STLink hardware.

I used an stlink to install the dfu bootloader and dfu-util to install the BMP software

Thanks, I’ll think about it.

These workshops are a lot of work to organise so I tend to stick to the usual suspects to save me time and reduce errors (I also tend to add stuff for myself to benefit from the free shipping). I’ve already ordered a set for myself from Mouser so my preference is to stick to them. I still have over $100 worth of QFN 32u4 parts that I misordered for a workshop 3 years ago. Making a error costing me lots of money is not always worth the savings.


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