Sewing Organization and Maintenance session, 14th or 22nd January


I’d like to organize a day to do some cleanup and maintenance on all the sewing machines.

I will need some assistance with this project, as I am not very experienced with sewing machine maintenance, and also I currently have an arm injury.

I’m proposing either the 14th or the 22nd of January, around 2pm.


  • Make sure we have at least 4 working sewing machines
  • Label the sewing machines with the type of bobbin they use
  • Find out if the sergers work
  • Make a list of anything we should buy such as feet, parts, etc.
  • Update the wiki page
  • Potentially: start a sewing machine loaner program
  • Potentially: identify machines to get rid of

If you can come, please comment with which day is better for you.

This is open to everyone, including people who have little or not sewing experience. If you would like to learn to use various sewing machines, come on down.

Tagging various people who may be interested


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I would like to mention I have a fully functioning Babylock Evolution Serger I would be happy to give/loan to the space if it turns out there is one not working!

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That model definitely has more functionality than the ones here, so I think I’m in favour of taking it if we can get rid of something else to free up space.

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specific for sergers, there is benefits to having 2. They take so long to restring that is it common to have 1 black one and one white one set up. however there is no need to have more then 2.

From what I recall the VHS one is not self-threading. The one serger Avvy is offering is self-threading.

Should you decide to discard the one I donated a while back, I’d like right of first refusal assuming it still works. :+1:


One serger on loan to vhs is mine. It isn’t self threading. I think it would be good to have 2 there.

I am available on January 14

I’m available on the 14th and 22nd.

We will need crazy glue and a 3D printed part for the brother if it’s still got the same defect as it used to (broken spool holder).

Probably need to make sure we have a vacuum and small bristle brushes for cleaning, I can bring some of the latter (old tooth brushes I use for cleaning my own).

I think I remember there being some oil in a drawer, but if that’s gone we’ll need some kind of grease for them too.


There’s sewing machine oil in the drawer of the industrial machine - I checked yesterday.

And yes, the Brother still has a broken spool holder. I really feel like that ought to be a replaceable part, but it doesn’t feel like it comes off. :frowning:

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Also, I checked How to Adjust and Repair Your Sewing Machine | Vancouver Public Library | BiblioCommons out of the library.


If you’re able to get it off, does it look like a part that could be 3D printed or machined?

Yes, it could be 3D printed. It’s one of these:

14th at 2pm confirmed!

If there’s more stuff to do, I will continue on the 22nd.


Hey - this looks like the part that’s needed for the brother. It has a little hinged bit on it - like the one on the brother at the space.


Should be printable in PETG or even work in PLA on the VHS enclosed Prusa.


Thanks Janet you are awesome! :blue_heart:

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Glad to help. I can help with the printing or even try it here if needed although my machine is only set up for PLA at the moment.

unfortunately, i work on Saturdays. best of luck with those sewing machines!

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Unfortuantly I am a bit busy on Saturday, but I would interested in knowing how things go this weekend. Let me know if my serger will have any demand for it!

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I’ll be there! See you later today!


I’ll be finishing my lathe training around 2 and might join y’all