Screen Printing Workshop (Jan 31st, 6-8pm), Now in Colour

Back by popular demand, it is the screen printing workshop. This is still a beginner workshop, I will still go over the basics, but this time, the final shirt we print will be a four color print. So don’t feel like you needed to have attended the last workshop to participate in this one. However you have, you will find the new info pretty cool. The cost is $30 which will be used to pay for the T shirts and keep our screen printing supplies stocked. Everyone who attends will get a T-Shirt as well as make 3 T-shirts for the Hack space. 10 slots available. Reserve a slot by telling me here.

Topics covered includes,

  • How to clean a screen,
  • How to coat a screen with photosensitive emulsion,
  • How to expose the screen.
  • How to apply the Ink on to T-shirt
  • How to Cure the Ink

This time we will be adding

  • How to use Registration to line up for a multicolored print.
  • How to Screen Print a multi color print.

This time the T-Shirt design is inspired by the fact that we are getting video wall to play NES games. This design is made by my amazing partner Hazel. 4 colors on black.

ignore the registration marks.


I’d like to participate

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I’m also in as well please. Will bring cash.

I’d like to participate!

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I would like to participate.

Hi. I’d like to join please

Hey, I would like to attend this workshop!

Ok everyone who is have commented has a spot reserved.

That is 6 people so far. So there are 4 spots left.

Man I need to host these more often…


Please add me, Thanks!

Count me in!


Cool I’ll be there too!


Please sign me up as well.

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Ok That is 10. Thank you all for signing up so fast.

The list of participants is

Thank you all for signing up. Please bring your 30 dollars to the event cash is preferred. Time to go and order more shirts.


@yeungx how much fine detail can you get with screenprinting. Eventually I’d like to make this illustration into a shirt.

(The norse goddess Freya in her cat chariot.)

edit: I’ll probably clean this up and get rid of some of that background. Will likely also convert it to vector and size it up.

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Not Boadicea?

It’s an illustration of Freya by Ludwig Pietsch, 1865.

That would laser cut really well, like the Rhinocerus woodcut image

(any woodcut or image in that style will laser cut really well)

But this thread is about screenprinting, carry on


I can laser it also…but first I must replenish my supply of cat lady t-shirts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Screen printing should be able to do that. Not sure if i have the right mesh size for that level of detail. One only way to find out, do you want black on white or white on black or some other color combination.

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Probably light on dark. So white or yellow on navy/black. I’m happy to throw-down some cash for a fine enough mesh if we need one.

Edit: I should add the Moose/Rabbit tshirt I made at the vinyl workshop was a huge hit. Thanks for that as well!

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