Rolling white boards - sell one?

Do we need two of these? They are barely ever used. Look at what’s written on them and think about when it was written.

They are most useful as a place for the wifi password.

What to do?
  • Keep both as is
  • Keep one as-is, get rid of the other
  • Keep one as is, Break one down and mount vertically to the laser filter box
  • Get rid of one, Break one down and mount vertically to the laser filter box
  • Get rid of both

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As a side note:
They did get more use at the Bunker and at Cook Street. The fact that we’re in a pandemic is not helping with them getting any use.

Another option could be to break one down and mount it and then store the other one and review it later. (Behind the shelf in the furnace room?) I could see it come in handy once we can do open nights/house again.


Definitely don’t need two of these taking up valuable floor space. I’m all for getting rid of one for sure, and either keeping the other or mounting it vertically.


I voted “get rid of both”. Mostly I think we use these to write the password to the wifi. Could easily do that with something smaller on the wall.


I am ok with getting rid of both, but also fine with keeping one mounted vertically.


I agree with @TyIsI - having a large mobile whiteboard is SUPER useful for classes. But 1 should be enough for that.


If we do end up deciding to get rid of one I am wondering if it would be possible to donate it to another non/profit or charitable org that could use it?


Reflecting on this, counter proposal:

We break one up. Mount one side by the laser cutter filter. Mount other side by the wall by the stairs as an info board. (I think the boards are magnetic, no?)
Stash the other one either in the furnace room or in one of the attics, so it’s available for when we can have classes again.

If we haven’t used it in a year, we can donate to another org.

Please keep one out; there is planned use for one on April 10th at minimum. If it is easy to unstash, then that’s fine.

Yeah, they’re easily collapsible!


Or time for the White Boards of Damocles? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they will get used if we ever find ourselves not in a pandemic anymore. You need something to write on to teach a lesson.