Resin 3D Printing Workshop Sunday Aug 16th

Hey Folks,

I joined as a new member about 3 weeks ago and have noticed at least a few other members interested in learning more about resin 3d printing. I myself have 2 anycubic photons, which I have logged several thousands of hours of printing experience with.

I’d be happy to bring one of my printers in a do a demo for anyone interested in learning, and just wanted to gauge the interest. Right now the tentative date for the demo will be Sunday August 16th, and will be free to join for anyone.

We’ll go over everything from setting up the machine (levelling build plate, changing FEP, etc.), to slicing and supporting your files, to different types of resins. We’ll also run a resin exposure test, cover safety when using these resins, and proper cleaning and storage of the necessary chemicals. I’m happy to answer any other questions along the way as well.

Join me for some printing fun!


Count me in!

Nice, I would love to learn how they work and how they can be added to other work flows.


I’ll be set up for 12:30 this Sunday with everything. I’ll probably be in the space until around 4, so let’s make it a bit informal and say I’ll start the first demo around 12:30 and anyone who arrives after that I can go through everything again individually :slight_smile:

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