Resin 3D Printing Workshop Sunday Oct 18th

Hey again Folks,

The first demo that I did for resin 3D printing back in August went great, and there seems to be enough interest for me to do another. I’m putting it on the books for Sunday Oct. 18th, so anyone who would like to take part, just reply here.

We’ll go over everything from setting up the machine (levelling build plate, machine maintenance, etc.), to slicing and supporting your files, to different types of resins. We’ll also run a resin exposure test, cover safety when using these resins, and proper cleaning and storage of the necessary chemicals. I’m happy to answer any other questions along the way as well.

The demo should only take about an hour, and we can do it in 2 sessions, with 4 people per session:

October 18th @ 12pm:

October 18th @ 2pm:

Join me for some printing fun!


Hey, I’m definitely interested, but if there are others that have been waiting a while for this, definitely give them priority over me

Hi Adrian - Would love to join. What time on the 18th?

Thanks - Sampath

I just set up 2 time slots that can be signed up for. Feel free to grab any of the spots available :slight_smile:

Please sign me up for 2PM!

totally. all set.

Fantastic! Please mark me down for the 12 noon timeslot. Thanks so much! :+1:

done and done :+1:

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I’ll go for the 12pm timeslot also, thanks


Can I join in the 2pm timeslot please?


I would love to participate if you think would be ok. Any time works for me. Thank you!

sure thing. I’ll put you down for whatever remains assuming we get one more participant

weather looks like i wont be riding this weekend. if the weather clears and there is stiil a spot id love to join.

which time slot would you prefer assuming you can make it?

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probably noon. i would come for the morning and stay for the workshop

Thanks! I can be there on the first time slot.

I am very late to the party. If a spot opens up I am curious to join. Cheers all!

If more times ever open up or future workshops planned, I’m in!