Requesting metal lathe training



I’d like to get trained on how to use the metal lathe. Is any instructors available to help?



Hi, can you specify which lathe? Wood or metal?


Hi Mike, I’m interested in both, however metal would be higher priority.


I am waiting for this training as well. I was talking to Richard @rsim and thankfully he will make it happen as his schedule will get free enough. So I am just looking forward for this. So he would be the best person to talk to. Maybe we could both get trained at the same time, to save on repeating the same thing twice.


@Dmo @jimmy Would love to join you folks for the Metal Lathe Workshop. Like Jimmy, I’m interested in both Wood and Metal Lathing workshops, so hopefully @jimmy the two of us can find someone to train us on the wood lathe as well.
Looking forward to these workshops.



Yeah woodturnig classes are very popular around and @mike was doing great job sharing his knowledge about it. There’s should be a waiting list for his classes around, I would just search a forum for woodturnig classes and leave a note there as well so it won’t get lost.


Is there anyone available to help with training on the metal lathe?
@Dmo any news with Richard? I would love to join you guys for the lathe training.


I had training last Saturday. I told him there’s few more people would like to get trained but class was already full. I would talk to him directly. But be ready to wait cause he’s very busy. Just so you know I was waiting for mine around three months but it’s totally worth it :slight_smile:


+1 interest


I would also love some training!


Hi, I’m also keen to get metal lathe training ASAP! Thanks!