Requesting metal lathe training


I would like the Monday class please. I have a specific part I’d like to make from 1/2” x 5” round stock but I don’t have the stock yet. Can I join?



Warming up an old thread, and I’ve only been a VHS member since about … noon.
But I’d be interested in training on the metal lathe.
Any chance there’s a spot coming up within the next few weeks?

Thank you,


^also interested :slight_smile:


Hi Daniel,

First off, welcome to VHS!

Second, you’ve joined us at a very exciting time. VHS is currently transitioning to a brand new space!

Many of our members are deeply involved in both packing up the old space in preparation for the move, and renovating the new space. So for the new few weeks at least it’s unlikely that folk will have time to run a course.

That being said, if anyone is certified to run the lathe training course and has time, please feel free to mention it here!



I don’t yet know if I’m “certified” yet to run training sessions on either the lathe or mill, but if so, I am willing to do such. As Andrew mentioned, we’re packing and moving, so I don’t know what the shop availability will be for the next few weeks.

That said, I’m at the space now (Jan 6, 11am) and will be here for a few hours. I can do a demo, and go over some basics (unless such is contrary to procedures, I’m still rather new myself :slight_smile: )

Slack: arwemakere