Reminder: 3D printer work group meeting this Saturday

A quick reminder that the first 3D printer work group meeting will be held this Saturday, 1pm at the bunker. This meeting is open to all members who have an interest in 3D printing.

Responsibilities of the 3D printer work group
3D printer training (first session has been scheduled for Thursday, Sept 25)
Do we need a sign-up system for people using the printer, given that print jobs can take many hours to complete?
Should we keep the 3D print computer password protected?
Define a maintenance schedule
Promoting 3D printing at the VHS
Anything else to be proposed?

Notes from the meeting, Saturday, September 20, 2014. Please feel free to reply with anything I might have missed. Input from all VHS members is welcome.

In attendance: Steve, Luke, Inez, Ashley, Ty, Stephen, Daniel

3D Printer Work Group organization

  • Everyone on the work group should get wiki access
  • Do we need our own distribution list?
  • Badge in the new forum for work group members, email Jonathan to set up

Corrective vs preventative.

  • Keep a log
  • oiling the rods
  • cleaning the hotend
  • cleaning the filament pulley
  • inspecting electronics
  • inspecting moving parts and fasteners
  • better signage
  • maintenance log / Inez will draft


  • Collaboratively edit the wiki
  • Someone to write up the info and Inez can format for the wiki


  • Discussion about ABS vs PLA
  • Expectations of how long a print takes
  • Rules
  • Safety
  • The slicing process
  • Good idea to download slicing software at home and use that to estimate your prints before you come in (Slic3r setting files will be posted on the wiki)
  • Model repair using Netfabb Cloud Repair (Luke will set up an account)
  • Practice printing something small


  • No outside filament unless approved by 3D printer work group. And add suggested vendors for filament to the wiki.
  • 3D printer computer is for 3D printing only. Password will be provided upon completion of training. Please do not share the password.
  • If printers break, put on Do Not Touch sign and email the 3D printer work group
  • Maintenance on the Prusa by the 3D printer work group only
  • Maintenance on the Ditto Pro by Daniel D. and Tinkerines only

Upgrades to the Prusa

  • Clean up electronics
  • Add LCD and SD card reader

Running the Ditto Pro

  • Slice on the Mac and then transfer to SD card and print from SD
  • Luke will bring in an SD card reader for the Mac

Promoting 3D printing at the VHS

  • Keep the printer working as much as possible during open house night to show people that we have a working 3D printer.
  • VHS paraphernalia: magnets, buttons, key chains,
  • Content on the blog
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@ashley If it helps categories here can be private and restricted to groups of people. It can also be assigned an e-mail address if you wanted to allow incoming by e-mail.

Also any page can we switched to a wiki post but the conversation below remains, it doesn’t replace a wiki but it’s handy if you want a post where others can edit.

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