3D Printer Work Group

I’m creating this post as a kind of wiki to document the 3D printer work group and provides links to the people on it. The 3D printer area wiki page (which needs some serious revision) and compendium of champions link here as a point of contact.

Members: @ashley, @Lukeo, @SteveRoy, @KevMacD, @iMakeRobots, @InezG, @Daniel_DeGagne, @Big_Mak, @DeNomad, @interlock

It’s been a while since we met so I may have missed a few. Just holla and I’ll add you to this post.

Notes from our one and only meeting before the big migration: Reminder: 3D printer work group meeting this Saturday

@interlock, I’m adding you as a member of the 3D printer work group. Curious what happened to the Tinkerine?

Thanks. I can’t recall the name, but it happened on a filament change. He was flushing out the problematic black PLA with purple and when he tried to pull out the purple it stuck in there. I think this is the third time a similar issue has happened. I may ask @lukeo to train me (and others) on how to resolve some common issues so we don’t have to halt printing. That is assuming @lukeo is comfortable with that idea of course :slight_smile:

I was the one using the black last night and, remembering that @ashley said it was problematic if left in to cool, I thought feeding purple through until it came out “clean” purple would be a suitable solution. Apparently I was Mist-taken :eyeroll: Sorry guys.

No problem. Sounds like this is going to be as recurring thing. @Lukeo, is there room to consider this standard usage / loading-unloading filament and train people how to deal with it?

How about just not using the problematic black filament?

That’s probably a good suggestion but I suspect it won’t be the last roll we experience this problem with, so I still suggest adding this to the training as something that users will need to troubleshoot from time to time.

Hello, I am updating the wiki, and I need to know if this list is currently up to date. Are all members listed above active and part of the 3D printing committee?

@ashley, @Lukeo, @SteveRoy, @KevMacD, @iMakeRobots, @InezG, @Daniel_DeGagne, @Big_Mak, @DeNomad, @interlock

If not, can I get a sound off as to who is currently active so I can remove old names?


(Right now the names are just a cut 'n paste from the laser cutter group, will fix asap)

Ashley is no longer a member as far as I know. I haven’t seen interlock for a while, so those two could be removed.
You can leave my name on the list and also KevMacD
I’ll let the others decide if they want to be on the list


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I haven’t been coming to the space very often nor have I been doing much 3D printing, so my name could probably be removed from the work group.


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Yeah Ashley is no longer a member.

You can leave my name on the list.

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I rarely if ever physically inhabit the space. So my name as a part of any physical committee is not a good idea.

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Has someone printed jewelry or small items? If so, are they well printed?

How small is small? :smiley:

I know @xquared was experimenting with making a copy of Moana’s pendant from the film and we can print some pretty small interlocking gears and fixtures that might work for jewelry considered “chunky”. I think the main issue might be the brittleness / weakness of some filaments.

(Dont make me go on my Ocean’s 8 rant…)

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The smaller you get the less the printers @ VHS become suitable. I know some here have SLA printers that would be more suitable for smaller more intricate designs.

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Some prints I had done at Shop3d in their form2. Guitar pick for scale.


thank you for your picture

VHS does have a Form 1 that kinda prints, but as I understand it, it needs some new resin and maybe some other tuning/repair work. You’re welcome to do that and use it, if you’re up to it. Quality should be similar to that picture.

The form1 currently have great x-y resolution. I got it to print details as fine as 20 micron.
The z axis is currently kinda funky. and needs more work.

@Katrin if the interest is in jewlery, there are wax type resin you can get for form1 to make metal jewelry via lost wax casting as well as wax filament for the other 3d printers we have.

second link has how-to at the bottom