Promoting Maker Cube?

Hi guys,

I was thinking about posting into the commercial ops category but just wanted to ask first if there would be any objection to promoting my maker space in the VHS forums/slack.

Despite being here for over 4 years we’re still struggling to get more visibility and awareness that we exist out in Langley. Was wondering if VHS would offer any assistance in sharing our details or events.

A bit of an ask but as we are a for-profit maker space I didn’t want to overstep boundaries with promotion/advertising or step on any toes.



Hi Doug:

We’ve had other groups post in commercial ops on Talk so you should be fine there.

I’ll let others speak to doing promotion on Slack.


Langley Chamber of Commerce has a new CEO Cory Redbock(?). He is big on visiting member businesses and then sharing them with his network / listserv / social. Invite him over and laser cut / 3D print their logo with your name and you’ll get a good ally. Just an idea.


Personally, I think it’s a rising tide: growing maker spaces and people’s interest in them benefits both organizations, and I don’t think workshops or events are rivalrous, and do share an interest overlap.

Reciprocally, does it seems reasonable for you to grab some of our cards next time you’re in the neighbourhood and pass them and the good word to workshop participants coming out from Vancouver who mention an interest in a space closer to them?


I’ve gone and visited Maker Cube. It’s a beautiful facility with some great equipment available to it. If one day my projects outgrow what i can reasonably do at VHS i would definitely be looking at space there. Partly because it’s close to me and partly because it seems like an awesome facility.