FabLab Vancouver - VHS Member Discount


I’m Jason, a long time member of VHS, and I start another makerspace called FabLab Vancouver.
It’s located in Mount Pleasant area, at 260 E 5th Ave. Vancouver.

FabLab Vancouver is a membership based makerspace that focused more on digital fabrication tools.
Members get access to all the tools/machines for free, except for the large laser cutter (Trotec Speedy 400) and the large format CNC (ShopBot PRSalpha 6’x8’).
All membership comes with one hour free use of the large laser cutter and one hour free use of the large format CNC. A machine usage fee of $1.2/minute will be charge beyond that.
(The other two smaller CNC and the small laser cutter does not have usage fee.)

During the creation of the space, I got a lot of help from VHS members.
Now that the space is fully opened, I’m looking to give back to the VHS community.

VHS members will get $40/month discount when you sign up for any FabLab Vancouver membership package, and an extra 10% off on machine usage fee (on top of any discounts that already comes with the package).
Also, since VHS already have a laser cutter, we can relocate the free one hour use of the large laser cutter toward the use of the large format CNC.
The discount will apply for as long as you are a VHS member.

Feel free to ask me any question, or come visit us even if your are just curious.



congrats on opening the space,

When is the best time to come and check out the space?


Public open hours are from 1pm to 9pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

I’m there most of the time during the open hours.

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