Possible dates for "Hack-a-Drill" on March 2/9/16/23/30


Hello Hackers,
Put on your Hacking Hats! Any non-standard use of Drill encouraged!

“Hack-a-Drill” afternoon to be held on a March weekend: March 2/9/16/23/30 2019; request for keyholders to bottomline this event (and that date will be added to events calendar). Then I should send an event flier to distribute.

Also those who have organized workshops, feel free to let me know how to spread the word around (Craigslist, EventBrite, Meetup, etc., also other ways), tips and tricks, etc.

A big Thank You to @mike for the encouragement!



Don’t use it to peel potatoes…

But peeling apples is ok!


Let’s face it, the reason the apple peeler is successful is because he’s using the table as a tool rest, we all know that the first rule you learn at the lathe is your tool is always touching the tool rest when engaging your work!


@Rebel_without_Clause, this is great!!! So happy you are running this. I’d totally sign up to bottom-line this, but I’m on baby-watch at that point.

EventBrite is a great platform if you want to charge for your event or have limited seating; unless you are charging for this event, I’d recommend against EventBrite; but I love it for limited seating/charging, it really takes a lot of the guesswork out of it for you.

We have some auto-syncing with Meetup, but it might be worthwhile spending some time on the event page and getting people to sign up there even if they are members. Some of the more successful nights I’ve run have been advertised and actively managed on Meetup.

I’ve not tried Craigslist for event planning, so maybe someone else can chime in on that.

Cross-pollination with related groups has been wildly successful for me. While my interest groups are different than the target of this, I imagine you have other groups. Make sure to foster a bi-directional relationship if you deal with this. Provide some benefit to them for the honor of being able to advertise your event; everyone wins.

There are some people here that manage the VHS instagram and Twitter accounts, those are great too!

But it all starts with the elevator pitch. You’ve already started to come up with that, but come up with the 5 to 10 sentence version of what is going to be SO AWESOME about your event and why I should come. Will it be competitive, how many hours will it be (you need that info for a keyholder bottom-line)? Will we be providing the drills (sounds like yes)? etc.


Limited Seating may be needed as #Hackers <= #Drills?


I don’t know what you think; but I don’t see it as a 1:1 (people are likely to pair up), but this is your event, design at wlll!

I would like to host an event, how?