Piano workbench shelving upgrades

In preparation for winter evenings, projecting at home with CBC2 jazz and a glass of whiskey, I made some upgrades to my workbench. It’s meant to be functional of course, but also sufficiently visually pleasing that my S.O. continues to allow a workbench in our living room.

The whole build video is posted on my youtube channel.

Time spent (a lot!):

  • Initial design in Fusion 360 - 2 hours
  • Laser cutting - 1 hour
  • Refinements to the design, iterations - probably, like, 8+ hours
  • Fitting, gluing and painting - 3 hours
  • Other accoutrements (lights, switch, raspi, etc) - 1 hour
  • Video production - 4 hours

That bench is spectacular! Excellent video production too.

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That’s pretty good on video production time, I would have expected a lot more.

What was your workflow like for that?

What’s with the Irix logo thingy?! Or does it just coincidentally match the Irix logo?

I 3d printed a tripod clip for my iPhone, and all the video/timelapse/stopmotion is captured on that. Then I download it and edit a rough cut. Then I narrate. Then I do a final edit.

I used to do quite a bit of amateurish video (see this one I’m particularly proud of) in Final Cut Pro. But lately I’m trying to ween towards FOSS, so I’ve been bashing my head against Blender. It’s got all the power and usability of KiCad, to give you an idea.

I’m most embarrassed by the sound quality. Unfortunately I sold all my pro audio gear a couple years ago, so I’ve been using the cheap integrated mic on some earbuds. :weary:


Haha. Good eye. Technically it’s the old SGI logo, not just Irix. In a previous life I worked with a lot of their gear and pried this emblem off a rack when it was being decommissioned.

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